Scholarships for International Students
ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP (for undergraduate degree programs)
Academic achievement scholarship covers various discounts applicable for the subsequent academic year, to be granted for students with at least 3.5 GPA provided that the student shall have successfully completed minimum 30 credits at the end of the first two semesters of associate/undergraduate degree program (except summer semester) and for the subsequent years, shall have taken and successfully completed minimum 75% of the total credits for the respective academic year.

ANNUAL TUITION FEE PAYMENT DISCOUNT (for undergraduate and associate degree programs)
Cash payment discount covers 5% discount on college tuition provided that the total amount of the annual college tuition is paid in cash.

SIBLINGS DISCOUNT (for undergraduate and associate degree programs)
Siblings discount covers 10% discount on college tuition granted to each sibling attending to İstanbul Şehir University's academic programs. All siblings has to provide a document of proof (i.e. birth certificate) in order to receive sibling discount.

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