ŞEHİR in Your School (Lisede Bir Ders)

​By starting from the view that universities have the mission of contributing to the society as well as the mission of education and research, İstanbul Şehir University started a lasting project for high schools. 

There is a widespread interest from all over Turkey in the project named "Lisede Bir Ders" where students and  academics meet to discuss topics suitable to the high school curriculum. 

Both teachers and students are interested in the meetings where faculty members of İstanbul Şehir University make one hour presentations relating their fields. 

The project which helps high school students to experience how the courses are taught in the University, have them to meet university’s faculty members. 

​You can contact us via tanitim@sehir.edu.tr or +90 44 44 0 34 to invite our faculty members for a course at your high school.

Click for the course list.​