What is schizophrenia? Why do we fall in love? Do children who play violent videogames and watch violent movies become aggressors? What makes people happy? What is emotional intelligence? These are just some of the questions that are asked in the science of psychology. Psychology is a discipline that finds a fascinating variety of applications in daily life.

The Psychology Department at Istanbul Şehir University
Our academic staff includes representatives of clinical psychology, counseling, psychiatry, social psychology and cognitive psychology. Our curriculum incorporates the various fields of psychology in a balanced way. Also, you’ll have the chance to study other social sciences and broaden your perspective. A student friendly department that will help you obtain scientific understanding as well as professional skills awaits you.

In addition to core courses, in our department, you’ll be able to take more advanced classes in specialized fields such as clinical, social, cognitive, developmental, cross-cultural and political psychology. You’ll have the chance to join research projects and do internships at municipalities, medical faculties, hospitals, companies and schools.

What Can Psychology Majors Do After Graduation?
After graduation, you’ll be able to work at a hospital, psychological treatment center, prison, or rehabilitation center. In the business world, you’ll easily find a job in a human resources, marketing, or R&D department. In the public sector, you can apply to the KPSS psychology staff.
Whichever working environment you choose, you’ll enter the working world with teamwork experience, critical thinking skills, technological skills, and advanced English verbal and writing skills.