The Department of Philosophy at İstanbul Şehir University is a young, ambitious, and growing Department committed to a pluralist approach to philosophy. The expertise of its multinational faculty members comprises both the analytic tradition focusing on philosophical problems and the European and Islamic tradition focusing on the same problems from a historical perspective. The Department respects both universal and regional traditions of thought. It is in particular dedicated to an interdisciplinary perspective through offering double major and minor programs.

Our Department of Philosophy is committed to excellence meeting international standards in teaching and research. Although most of our students arrive at our Department through a selection process in Turkey, a proportion of them comes from abroad through the University’s scholarship program and through our Erasmus-agreements with European Universities. Building on the strengths of Istanbul Şehir University’s other Departments, our students have the opportunity to learn and develop proficiencies in classical languages such as Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Ancient Greek, and Latin as well as to improve their English, which is the language in which our courses are taught. The regular activities our Department provides for students and faculty include the public lecture series “Philosophy Talks” and the organization of international workshops and conferences.

Graduates from our Department not only become specialists, but will develop a series of formal skills that will help them to be successful in many areas of life and in many professions. They will be critical thinkers capable of analyzing and judging all kinds of contents and subjects. Furthermore, they will be able to express themselves on many topics in a structured and convincing way. Philosophical thought implies logical and coherent thought in general and can be successfully applied in a number of activities. Graduates from our Department are prepared to work as philosophy teachers, academics, journalists, editors, or in any number of other fields.