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ŞEHİR English Preparatory Program (SEPP)

This program is designed for students with limited English proficiency. Students will improve their English and skills they will need for academic and post-academic life. 
Students must attend a 90% minimum of the SEPP classes. 
The System:
Students without a certificate showing their high level of English must sit the English Placement Test. Results of this exam determine the student’s level. There are 5 levels in English Preparatory Program: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, and Pre-faculty. Each level is completed in a seven-week module (approximately 35 teaching days). Students are assessed during the module through a midterm exam, process writings, oral presentations or video projects, group discussions, homework and vocabulary logs. 
Module assessment grades and the module end test (MET) grade are combined to form the students’ letter grade (A: very good, B: good, C: pass, F: fail). Students must earn a “C” to move up a level in the program. Students that fail the attendance requirement or receive an “F” from assessments repeat the level with different books and instructors. 
Elementary starters can sit the exit exam (IELTS) at the end of summer school provided they complete all levels successfully.


Our proficiency exam is IELTS Academic. IELTS assesses reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills in English. This exam is externally administered in closed sessions at our school by assessors from the British Council.  
Students may be exempt from the English Preparatory Program with an IELTS score of 6.0 (with a minimum 5.0 in each strand: reading, listening, writing, and speaking).