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The age we are living in is called the age of communications. Why?
Now take an empty piece of paper and scribble on it randomly until not one white spot is left. The air you are breathing right now is the same, full of signals coming from all over the world. Television, radio, mobile phones, internet and even the speech around you is a part of this crowdedness. This communication we have on the global level has become an industry. Every day this industry creates new job opportunities, research areas and openings.
In Turkey, Istanbul is not only the city where cinema began and spread, but also the city which is the most portrayed in cinema and television. For this reason, we find it important to study cinema and television at a university which is sensitive to the experiences and histories lived in Istanbul and their representations.
İstanbul Şehir University College of Communications has been founded as a locus of education and research which embraces the media industry and the work and research opportunities in academics with such awareness.
This College has one department: Cinema and Television.