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The need for qualified jurists in Turkey has become even more important in our day, due to the fast developments in social, economic and technological fields and the juridical problems put forward by them. The School of Law, which set off with the concern of producing responses to this need, looked for answers to the question “What kind of a law education?” in interviews conducted with academic jurists prominent in their fields, presidents of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court, people of significant experience in juridical and administrative autocratic positions.
As a result of the interviews, a program has been prepared which will make a contribution to the establishment of the idea and ideal of law, which will, in addition to its theoretically based structure, in practice also enable the development of qualified jurists needed by the public and private sectors as well as the economic and financial markets. The School of Law, established to create a different educational content facing the problems of the Turkish juridical system and juridical education, aims to help cultivate jurists who have a command of professional knowledge, who are respectful to the notion of law and put forward the honor of the profession. 
At the School of Law of İstanbul Şehir University, with internships at juridical and bureaucratic institutions, students will find the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge. In addition, with the curriculum prepared together with other social science disciplines, they will have the chance to become law theoreticians. At the School of Law of İstanbul Şehir University, in addition to English, students will be able to learn a second foreign language. With the curriculum which is 30% English, students will have a stronger grasp of the law terminology in foreign languages.
Upon completing their education at istanbul Şehir University School of Law, students can become academics; work as judges, prosecutors and lawyers; work in diplomacy and civilian administration, the private sector and international institutions. İstanbul Şehir University School of Law will bring success to your feet.

Academic Staff

The university where Phd. is earned
Year of Completion
Marmara University, Ankara University
2001, 2002
Prof. Nihat Bulut Marmara University 1998
Prof. Mahmut Koca İstanbul University 1998
Prof. Tekin Memiş İstanbul University 1998
Ankara University
Ankara University
Prof. Mustafa Alper Gümüş Marmara University​ 2000​
Assoc.Prof. Nur Zeliha Kaman Marmara University 2002
Assoc.Prof. Yusuf Çalışkan Washington University ​2002
Queen Mary College, University of London
Marmara University
Vienna University
LUISS Guido Carli University
Inst. Sunara Samsudeen ​- ​-
RA Pınar Yazıcı ​- ​-
RA Şerife Gündoğan ​- ​-
RA Muhammed Ali Aydın ​- ​-
RA Enes Güran ​- -​