Nazlı Güleycan Yüksel / Law

​Apart from its academic success, İstanbul Şehir University is open to everybody with its social, respectful, and tolerant environment as a shelter for different cultures. To me, ŞEHİR is one of the best universities in Turkey thanks to its clubs which appeal to any kind of taste and opinion, its good-humored friends, and its attentive academicians who are in direct contact with students. If you want to freely express yourself and your opinions, if you want to develop yourself, and to establish eternal friendships, come and be part of this strong chain at ŞEHİR.

Şevval Demir / Management

​ŞEHİR was a milestone for me although I can’t figure out how I put it on my list during the university preference period. I have felt this since the first year I began studying at this university. I am in a place where I will feel very fortunate when I graduate. Apart from the courses, the social activities and club affairs have greatly contributed to my personal development. At ŞEHİR, where people are nice and friendly, you can easily make close friends. You just have a dream, set a goal, and let ŞEHİR realize it!

Zeynep Celile Karaman / Sociology

​İstanbul Şehir University is where academics say to you “I am going to have some tea, would you like some too," where clubs formed by students organize one event after another, and where students from all around the world become your friends… This university not only gives you the best academic education possible but also opens all doors, and students become highly qualified individuals in every sense.

Ersin Onur Erdoğan / Computer Science and Engineering

​Hey there! I am your friend Ersin. I chose ŞEHİR, turning a deaf ear to all the comments I heard against attending a “private university”, and I ran from home and from those who tried to change my mind about attending this university. Demolishing the widespread perception of “private university” created by TV series, this school holds its students in high esteem. We are here with outstanding academic faculty, in a multicultural environment, with vast opportunities of scholarship, a rich library and several other benefits, and we are waiting for you to join us too!

Bilge Erdemli / Law

​ŞEHİR is one of the few universities, which make you actually experience the culture of cohabitation instead of teaching it. Here you can produce something with faculty and students from different geographies and feel how studying in an atmosphere full of different perspectives enriches you. Providing this variety, ŞEHİR managed to remove the borders between sciences and interests. Here you can study at any department and take courses from different fields while learning a foreign language and carrying out a project you have always dreamt of. Just want to be a ŞEHİR member!

Serhat Aksal / Law

​What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say law? Mine is "freedom of expression". That’s why I decided to study law. Do you have "buts" in your mind while expressing your opinion? Or are you somehow concerned about what others will say? "ŞEHİR" is the place where I can express myself "freely" and "without concern".

Ayşe Perihan Kırkıç / Industrial Engineering

​ŞEHİR is a place where different colors and views can exist together. With international connections, academic staff willing to help students on any subject, means which  facilitate learning all the time; it is a great opportunity for students. Meanwhile, ŞEHİR has contributed much to my progress in foreign language and also in my own field. I feel I will have a great advantage when compared to other university, in that will graduate from ŞEHİR with these privileges.  If you want to have the same privilege, ŞEHİR is just for you!

Muhammed Yasin Yıldırım / Computer Science and Engineering

ŞEHİR is a university far beyond assumptions! As well as its academic qualities, it has socially important means and an international identity. Here you can meet new cultures, improve yourselves and feel yourselves not in an ordinary education but in a different and colorful life. From this point, gradually growing ŞEHİR presents its students a university life far beyond the dreams.

Ezgi Canbaz / Law

It is a very friendly atmosphere where I can reach my dreams as well as making friends. ŞEHİR provides us with unrivaled opportunities at the center of the cosmopolitan life of İstanbul, by its rich academic staff, various social activities and multi-lingual education. Along with the opportunity to form my own club and organize my own activities, I can express myself freely meeting with people from different cultures. ŞEHİR expects you at the junction of Asia and Europe.

Eren Ali Aslangiray / Computer Science and Engineering

I think İstanbul Şehir University is one of the best universities of Turkey! It is highly active and alive with its social atmosphere, academic staff and student clubs. I feel lucky for being in ŞEHİR: We have a sincere and friendly communication with the academicians in the Dept. Of Computer Science and Engineering. I feel ŞEHİR is my home. Here, along with my studies; I broadcast at ŞEHİR FM, the radio of Communication Club. I take part in Improvisation and Text Theater group of the Theater Club. I throw it out that being a ŞEHİR member is a privilege!

Buşra Kavurmacı / Psychology

When I joined the open-house days, ŞEHİR was the university which made me say "This is the one!". It is a constantly breathing dynamic and new university. ŞEHİR virtually presents you your dreams by most fruitful symposiums, strong academic staff with which you can chat accompanied by a cup of coffee and funny clubs. Along with a strong education, you will be part of this world where you gain a different point of view for life in a very short time.

Muhammed Haykal / Islamic Studies

​When I first saw ŞEHİR, I realized that this university was totally outstanding, it is almost the same as  universities in America. There are a lot of conferences and activities held here, I can even say that ŞEHİR is the most energetic university I’ve ever seen. Also, ŞEHİR has numerous high-quality academics who teach us how to learn collectively and guide us to how to think freely and creatively. Especially for students in Islamic Studies, our faculty is an appropriate place to realize your dreams! Because here we are using Arabic, English and Turkish simultaneously! In short, being at SEHIR means believing in yourself.

Isra Sakipi / Political Science and International Relations

​To be in ŞEHİR means to live in peace, to be happy. To be a İstanbul Şehir University student means to be ambitious, hard-working and successful. The opportunities and the challenges here are real and important. I chose ŞEHİR because I like the courses I am going to take. This major program will motivate me to become a big & successful diplomat one day. Everybody here has the same wish: to make their dream come true, and to be in İstanbul Şehir University, means to reach each goal in your life. That's why I am glad to be a #sehirliyim!

Emin Eminov / Electrical and Electronics Engineering

​İstanbul Şehir University is one of the best universities in Turkey. We all have dreams about university. My dream was to study in such a good university in Turkey and become a talented engineer. I met new friends at ŞEHİR and I am glad that happened. Being at ŞEHİR means being happy and peaceful. I chose ŞEHİR because I am sure I will learn excellent English and will become a good engineer. I am happy to be at ŞEHİR...

Kevser Hülya Akdemir / MA in Political Science and International Relations

Each university is founded to reach a certain academic ideal. However, when you come to ŞEHİR, you will see that your academicians and your university will be, not only a passive lecturer contributing to your accumulation of knowledge, but also a part of your life. The relations you establish will have a depth that will accompany you all of your life. At ŞEHİR which carries an international vision, thanks to different means abroad and international students, you will understand better that each part of the globalized world is our city.

Burak Cimrenli / MA in Political Science and International Relations

University is the place that a person gets out of his cocoon and steps in the outer world for the first time. ŞEHİR appeared before me as a miniature which covers this outer world with all its layers. It gave me the opportunity to establish a mutual relation with the academicians, the staff, and the students. It has been a university, which took the initiative of introducing me to different cultures and people, both inside the university and abroad. I feel very lucky for choosing this university, which helped me gain so much experience regarding the world, just as I took the first step.

Yavuz Selim Şimşek / Law

All of us have dreams about university. The realization of all of my dreams was the thing that made me believe in ŞEHİR legends. Because, by meeting my academic and social expectation more than enough, ŞEHİR made me say "I haven't even dream about this." I mean, first ŞEHİR makes your dreams come true and than held you have new dreams about future and reach to them. Here, everyone talks about one another like “This boy is gonna be a big man.” Still, why ŞEHİR? Because of the means it provides and the self-confidence we have, it is ŞEHİR.

Sara Aljuneidi / International Trade and Management

I chose İstanbul Şehir University with full confidence. I have made this decision based on the fact that ŞEHİR would be the best University for me, since I will study in English and still have the opportunity to learn Turkish language which is very important today as there is a lot of links between the Arab countries and Turkey especially in Trade, economy and culture. Having a  good knowledge in both English and Turkish will positively  increase my chances in my career.  Istanbul Şehir University has the best campus which is a great institution where you meet very good and responsible people. I am so impressed with the modern campus, professors, teaching staff  and how kind and helpful they are.

Usame Yolcu / Islamic Studies

All your live, you make choices and shape your future accordingly. As a student of İstanbul Şehir University Islamic Studies, I believe I have made the choice of my life. Because, as a university, Şehir is a place of those who aims the more and the better. As a school, Islamic Studies is the place of those who would claim that “Count me, too, in the Islamic thought, in Islamic world of the future”. As the founding students of our school, we learn English and Arabic at the same time in order to read the Islamic and Western world  of future right. Come and determine your place in future with us!

Mücahide Engin / Islamic Studies

Studying Islamic Studies at ŞEHİR makes me quite excited since the very first day. I learn Arabic and English in a very effective and concentrated way and we have discussions about classical and modern islamic studies accumulation.  One of the most important reasons to prefer ŞEHİR is the fact that we can do minor or double major in any field of social sciences. Thus, we will be competent youth with a broand, interdisciplinary point of view. For someone who wants to be a multilateral, prolific academician with high accumulation in the Islamic studies, ŞEHİR Islamic Studies is the right place with its experienced and guiding academic staff.

Ömer Çelebi / Management

I have aims which are hard to reach and in this vein, I know I need long and resolute stairs. It was the reason why I have come to Şehir. I realized that here is the place I seek in order to reach my dreams. I can recommend Şehir to you because of its free and unique characteristics. As everyone knows, if you are to participate in a competition, being in the best team helps you use your abilities most efficiently. Because your team will do all the other works for you. All you need to do is to be yourselves and run after your dreams. That is why I expect you in this team, I mean in Şehir Family.”

Hüseyin Tarık Aydın / Political Science and International Relations

ŞEHİR is a unique and free university which supports to have a say in the global meaning. Instead of being a walker-on of ancient order in the unfruitful ideological discussions which are far away from the science, here you can be an effective actor in the formation of new paradigms needed by the humankind. In this university where you can experience your own limits, you can create a difference when you graduate with an interdisciplinary education instead of a single academic discipline. However, here, graduation will be the last thing you will think!