İstanbul Şehir University Ethics Code


1. İstanbul Şehir University (ŞEHİR) is a university built upon the experience of the Foundation of Arts and Sciences (Bilim ve Sanat Vakfı (BİSAV)). BİSAV represents an intellectual accumulation that finds the ready-made recipes presented by the dominant world to be insufficient in its quest for the good, truth and beauty, and aims to generate original knowledge while trying to bring to light the dynamics of civilizations that have existed on these lands. 
BİSAV started on its path with the belief that the right questions are more real than hurried answers. BİSAV’s journey is one in search of the possibility of global answers where the individual, society and nature could coexist in harmony, on the one hand, while seeking to shed light on the knowledge, faith and aesthetic of a world embodied in the city of Istanbul, on the other. This experience led BİSAV to found ŞEHİR, because it chose to encounter other experiences rather than to merely create a self-sufficient milieu. In this perspective ŞEHİR became the name of a hope to establish an academic environment that could present vital contributions to the world. 
ŞEHİR is the common ground. Each one of its members is entitled to share it equally. ŞEHİR deems the diversity of the roots, cultural references and choices of its members as enrichment and an opportunity to facilitate its mission.  
Keeping its mission in view, ŞEHİR has acquired an ethics code that transcends university related legislation, bureaucratic traditions, and modern professional institutional ethics. This hitherto unwritten code reflects ŞEHİR’s own personality, horizon and will. Its principles govern all relationships and activities within ŞEHİR. We would like to share those principles of the code that we need to put in words at this initial stage. 
2. İstanbul Şehir University is a community composed of its students, academic personnel, administrative and technical staff, and other members.  ŞEHİR refers to this community. 

Rule of equity and morality

3. Every behavior, activity and product at SEHIR must be equitable and reflect high moral standards.

Preserving peace within the Institution

4. Preservation of the peace, mutual respect and courtesy is everyone’s responsibility in ŞEHİR. 

Plurality in governance

5. ŞEHİR ensures to make decisions as collectively as possible and to delegate responsibility as fairly as possible. 

Respect for expertise

6. ŞEHİR respects expertise and areas of expertise and follows the principle of respecting expertise in teaching, in governance, and in activities outside of the university.

Fostering development and success

7. ŞEHİR endeavors to implement a governance and operation that facilitates the development of its members and believes that incentives, honors and awards will increase success.

Institutional responsibility

8. ŞEHİR takes care to ensure that transparency or confidentiality are duly observed under circumstances that necessitate these conditions even when the laws and regulations do not require them specifically. 

International academic standards

9. ŞEHİR aims to meticulously comply with international academic standards and achieve an excellent level of quality and refuses to be contented with legislative definitions, local standards and customs.
10. ŞEHİR supports teamwork, internationality and interdisciplinarity, and deems it important that its activities and products reflect these attributes. 


11. ŞEHİR generates and relays original knowledge guided by the principle of absolute integrity. As required under this principle ŞEHİR refuses to tolerate cheating and plagiarism. The principle of integrity is of fundamental importance at the levels of academic production as well as teaching. ŞEHİR construes and implements the necessary rules in this regard without compromise.   
12.  Any research conducted at ŞEHİR is respectful of other relevant research and related persons, including those who contribute to the research, who are the object of research, and who support it. As a matter of academic respect, ŞEHİR takes care to avoid any problematic behavior such as knowingly ignoring existing research or reflecting it in a manner that could be misleading. 

Academic freedom 

13. ŞEHİR is an environment in which both teachers and students freely express and discuss all kinds of thoughts and issues. Everyone at ŞEHİR has the right to conduct research on any topic in line with his/her preferences and interests and to share the results of such research.
14. Academic freedom encompasses every one and every academic endeavor at ŞEHİR. Within this framework, ŞEHİR has also adopted the fundamental concepts that comprise the content of such declarations as the Lima Declaration [on Academic Freedom and Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education] (1998), the UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Higher Education Teaching Personnel (1997), European Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation on Academic Freedom and University Autonomy (2006) and YÖK Academic Freedom Declaration (2013). 
15. The only limitation to the freedom of expression at ŞEHİR is on the expressions of violence, racism and hatred, which undermine the concept of university, in general, and ŞEHİR’s ground for existence, in particular. ŞEHİR aims to find a balance in ensuring the freedom of expression while eradicating expressions of hatred.
16. All knowledge, expressions, discussions, announcements and publications shared for academic purposes at ŞEHİR must be intellectually and scientifically appropriate and must not possess a rhetoric that is threatening, demeaning, derogatory, or condescending. ŞEHİR’s teaching faculty adopt an approach that encourages students to make assessments by taking into consideration different aspects and positions, to be respectful of and tolerate views they disagree with and to establish their own views based on sound evidence and logical arguments. 

Stance against unfairness and oppression

17. ŞEHİR is determined to never allow any kind of unfairness or oppression the opportunity to take hold at ŞEHİR. ŞEHİR is aware that it can only reach this goal through a continual and healthy environment of discussion, keeping in mind that oppression takes on different forms and justifications.
18. Creating an environment where no one is demeaned or disadvantaged in any way because of one’s views, attitudes or difference is everyone’s responsibility at ŞEHİR. ŞEHİR is a place where those considered different from the majority due to their nationality, ethnicity, race, social identity, sexual identity, gender, religion, sect, community, language, dialect, physical disability, political or ideological views will not be made uneasy due to these differences. 
19. ŞEHİR has adopted an approach to governance and education that gives everyone, and in particular to those in the minority and whose voices are frail, the opportunity to express their views and problems. 

Discrimination and Harassment

20. ŞEHİR rejects any behavior restricting personal rights, damaging careers and reducing the quality of work life through the abuse of academic influence and institutional power. 
21. At ŞEHİR no discrimination is made between academics in terms of title or seniority except for the relevant provisions of laws and regulations
22. ŞEHİR will assess any instance of discrimination or harassment not only within the confines of the framework established by law but also in accordance with international professional ethical and socio-moral standards. 

Supplementary Cl​auses

23. ŞEHİR views university education as a contract between the parties where the guidelines have been established by legislation but the content and details of which have to be continually filled by the constituents of the ŞEHİR community in good faith throughout the process. Each member as a constituent has an obligation to observe mutual consent and contractual responsibility while performing the requirements of the contract and developing its content.  
24. ŞEHİR shall take precautions against attitudes and behavior that abuse the opportunities provided.