Quality Policy


İstanbul Şehir University, which has set out with a vision to earn international recognition for research and education and to be one of the most prestigious universities in our region and Turkey, pursues a quality policy based on this understanding. The principles that direct our quality policy are shaped by the main values of the university. Self-confidence, freedom, originality, responsibility, productivity, participation and universality, which represent the main values of our university, determine the framework that guides the understanding of quality, along with the Code of Ethics of our university. Safeguarding peace within the institution, pluralism in management, respecting expertise, promoting development and success, international academic standards, honesty, academic freedom, standing against injustice and oppression, an uncompromising attitude towards discrimination and harassment constitute the main pillars of the Code of Ethics.

İstanbul Şehir University has developed its quality policy with a view to the development and sustainability of standards, and continuous improvement, in the fields of education, research and publication, community service and management.

  1. ​To provide educational services in international academic standards with a universal, interdisciplinary and dynamic curriculum approach that encourages critical thinking,
  2. To ensure a universal research and education environment whereby international students and academics can become a natural part and a stakeholder,
  3. To maintain a policy of preparing students for life, helping them acquire professional credentials at the highest level and supporting them after graduation with a student-centered approach,
  4. To support all research based on the precept of respecting expertise and promoting development and success,
  5. To establish mechanisms to support all practices that will drive innovation and entrepreneurship on the basis of the latest technologies and to maintain the current ones,
  6. To create a campus environment which is constantly alive with cultural, artistic and scientific activities and which has a nature-friendly and rich social life,
  7. To maintain a flexible, participatory, pluralistic, transparent, human development and success-oriented corporate organization and human resources management system,
  8. To maintain and continuously improve a digital information governance perspective in line with digital future requirements for effective process management,
  9. To measure and monitor stakeholder participation and satisfaction in process improvement through permanent communication channels,
  10. To establish a budget management policy focused on efficient expenditure, risk management and efficient resource utilization,
  11. To continuously improve ŞEHİR quality and application standards with the participation of all stakeholders.