Human Resources

The strategy of İstanbul Şehir University Human Resources has been built on the notion of formation and execution of a human resources management model based on the performance measurement and competence, abiding faithfully on the aim of unveiling the required highly qualified staff.

“Focusing on the major aims that best describes ŞEHİR on the way to become a multi-cultural, multi-coloured and polyphonic, unique and free university, formulized as “well-known and one of the most esteemed universities of Turkey and the world”, unveiling the ŞEHİR identity and make it live in our staff is among our utmost priorities.

Our other indispensable priorities are to plan human resources for the ever-growing needs of ŞEHİR, to create performance and carrier management criteria, and naturally sustain training programs which will support the development of our staff in every aspect.

Our fundamental aim is to perpetuate the organization occurring in ŞEHİR by the modern carrier planning which consider gives priority to personal development and closely attached to objective rules by considering satisfaction of the staff as an indispensable part of efficient and productive workforce and backbone of education quality.

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