Information Technologies

Information Technologies rapidly develop and change. ŞEHİR, with the advantage of being a new university, constructed the infrastructure of information technologies office by projecting these changes.

İstanbul Şehir University Information Technologies Office aims to catch the rapid change in the information technologies in time and properly and reflect it on the educational activities of the University.

Information Technologies Office is responsible from efficient and functional utilization of all components of Information Technologies infrastructure as computers, databases and networks.  Automation systems of all academic and administrative units, authentication and control of operations as data-processing and storage are in its charge. E-mail, printer and photo-copy services for students and the staff are also in its charge.

There is an Information Technologies infrastructure in ŞEHİR which enables the utilization of smart board and which enables access transiently to the Internet and university applications from every point within the campus as appropriate to the concept of “Smart University” and.


​Information Technologies Director