Student Academic Affairs
​​All works regarding the activities of graduate and undergraduate students of ŞEHİR throughout their university education are carried out by the Directorate of Student Academic Affairs centrally over the automation system. Directorate of Student Academic Affairs is also in charge of providing information to the students about the applicable Bylaws and Instructions and other related academic issues. Other duties and responsibilities of the Directorate of Student Adedemic Affairs are as follows:
  • To prepare Academic Calendar,
  • To realize new registrations to the University,
  • To prepare course and exam schedules,
  • Carry out semester course registration, add-drop, withdrawal procedures,
  • To carry out deregistration, dismissal and leave of absence operations,
  • To carry out  the procedures required for double major and minor programs and internal transfer,
  • To prepare Student Certificate and Transcripts,
  • To determine students who are entitled to obtain Certificates of Honor and High Honor and prepare the certificates,
  • To carry out the procedure for Student ID Card and Travel Card,
  • To update scholarship status of students,
  • To realize operations to postpone military service,
  • To complete graduation operations,
  • To prepare statistical data.



Student Academic Affairs Director