Student Relations

İstanbul Şehir University Student Relations Office acts as the bridge between students and the university administration. Students can share their problems -either general or personal- their wishes and suggestions with the university administration through Student Relations Office.

The most significant mission of Student Relations Office is to help students improve their abilities as conscious and equipped individuals in view of personal, social, cultural, artistic and physical development as well as their academic competences and to create an environment where students can gain skills, which will enable them to become successful and active individuals in their professional and social lives via activities organized in this field from the first day of their university lives.

Founded with this mission, Students Relations Office supports, encourages and directs all kinds of activities in which students are interested as well as students' social, cultural, artistic and sportive activities.

Students hold activities in their areas of interest by gathering together under student clubs and clubs founded in this vein carry out their wide range of activities under supervision of the Student Relations Office.

In this dynamic process, which has been created between the Student Relations Office and students, the fundamental philosophy is to bring students together in educational activities within their interests, abilities, inclinations and career goals; as well as their academic progress within the period from preparatory program to graduation and to create an intellectual climate within the university by providing them with a more colorful, fun and amusing university life.

The units within the Student Relations Office are Health Center, Guesthouses, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center, Sports Activities Office, Student Activities Office, Student Disability Center. Student Clubs and Student Council carry out their activities under supervision of this Office through the medium of Student Activities Office.