The "One" and the "Multiple": On the Origins of Contemporary Metaphysics
4/29/2019 1:00 PM
YER : Student Center, K101 Meeting Room
İstanbul Şehir University Department of Philosophy

Pierre Caye
The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

The philosophies of multiplicity, whether materialism or logical atomism, correspond to the proliferating production and diversity of objects in our technological world as well as to the love for freedom and relativity of the people who live there. Yet none of these philosophies has succeeded in overcoming the impossibility that Plato assigns, in the last hypotheses of the Parmenides, to pure multiplicity, namely that no multiplicity is possible or conceivable without relationship, at any time in his constitution, to the one. The question of the one, too long ignored in favour of the sole question of being, is nevertheless essential to the understanding of our increasingly multiple world. We will then return to the origins of metaphysics, in particular through Greek Neoplatonism, which raised this question most acutely, to try to define what can be one capable of giving the most freedom to multiplicity without falling into nothingness.