Turkish Language and Literature Department


1.Students will be able to read, interpret and analyze literary texts in context of literary history and sociological background. 
2.Students will be able to place literature in relation to various disciplines such as history, sociology, psychology or economics; and understand the process of impact and influence between those disciplines. 
3.Students will be able to identify classical Turkish literary poetic forms, genres, rhetorical devices and their use and major figures in their historical context.
4.Students will be able to understand the historical development of modern Turkish literature, its movements and major figures in context of other modern literatures.
5.Students will understand the major issues and concepts of literary theory and criticism, its historical development from its Ancient Greek, Chinese and Sanskrit foundations to the present and its application to literary texts.  
6.Students will be able to comparatively investigate the forms of modern and historical Turkish language in context of modern linguistic theories and practice.
7.Students will be able to evaluate Turkish folk culture and literature within the conceptual framework of folklore.
8.Students will be able to produce and analyze texts both in Turkish and English within the principles of critical thought.
9.Students will be able to identify the major sources of classical Turkish literature and understand them in comparison to other Islamic literatures such as Arab, Persian, Chagatai.
10.Students will be able to place Turkish literature within World literatures and follow research in foreign languages.
11.Students will be able to contextualize both classical and modern Turkish literature in relation to each other with the understanding that sub-fields consist the whole.
12.Students will demonstrate familiarity with the basics of natural sciences, mathematics and technology, and understand their place in our daily lives and their relation to humanities.
13.Students will be able to reach, produce and share information on and about Turkish Literature in digital format.​

Ders Kazanımlarının Program Yeterliliklerine Katkısı 
No.Ders KoduPY1PY2PY3PY4PY5PY6PY7PY8PY9PY 10PY 11PY 12PY 13
1LING 201


2LING 202

3LING 203

4LING 204

5LIT 2015301200515203
6LIT 2025301200515203
7LIT 2035130000555503
8LIT 2045130000555503
9LIT 2055333333333335
10LIT 3015315200503504
11LIT 3025305200503204
12LIT 3035253200453402
13LIT 3045253200453402
14LIT 3055300500523014
15LIT 3065300500503014
16LIT 4015320005512003
17LIT 4045333333333335
18LIT 4065502300535023
19LIT 4115315200502403
20LIT 4125315200502403
21LIT 4135124300503303
22LIT 4145403300502103
21LIT 4155124300503303
22LIT 4165324400514304
23LIT 4315151121354504
24LIT 4335151111254505
25LING 431

 İlişkili Ders Sayısı25241617219825162323625
 İlişki Ağırlığı1246245535231161095978711294

Ders KoduPÇ1
UNI 1001200000100004
UNI 11144122
UNI 112441​

UNI 117020000100300
UNI 1180400000000010
UNI 1235400100500000
UNI 12454001
UNI 2210400000000040
UNI 2220400000000040
UNI 2010200000100000
UNI 2020200000100000