Core Curriculum
Plunging into the deep topics of your department selected in the first year at university? Or clearing one’s mind after an intensive exam period, discovering an interdisciplinary education, which gives students a holistic outlook on life beyond conventional academic compartmentalization, such as hard and soft or natural and social sciences? İstanbul Şehir University gives the answer to this question with its core curriculum program.
​As part of its unique spirit, İstanbul Şehir University provides its students with a motivating environment for being a competent engineer who is familiar with the major turning points in human history and recites poetry or a sociologist who doesn’t escape the poetry of mathematics.

By force of our founding mission and vision of İstanbul Şehir University, the Core Curriculum Program is an independent curriculum, designed according to the unique needs and conditions of today, directed towards helping students gain fundamental skills, which will enable them to understand the world within its own integrity and mobility, to look at the events from a broad  perspective in a time-space context, to think right, systematically and consistently, and to express their thoughts in a meaningful frame, in their life after graduation, no matter what their discipline is.

Through this approach, the Core Curriculum Program aims at helping students to gain critical and creative intellectual habits they will use all their lives, beyond improving their knowledge in various fields.