Cultural Studies

​1. Will produce and analyze texts both in Turkish and English within the principles of critical thought
2. Will know the basics of qualitative and quantitative research data collection methods, analyze the data and interpret them
3. Will read, interpret and analyze literary texts in context of literary history and sociological background
4. Will have a strong human sciences background and sociological imagination which helps to understand social events in historical contexts
5. Will be familiar with fundamental concepts and discussions in social sciences
6. Will not compromise from universal and scientific ethical principles
7. Will have the basic knowledge on social and literary theory and apply them to social and literary phenomena

Course ​​Code Course TitlePO1PO2
CULT 501Theories and Methods in Cultural Studies4532555
CULT 517Anthropological Pers. on Global Issues4414554
CULT 525Sociology of Everyday Life4415554
CULT 527Ideology and Discourse Analysis4415554
CULT 531Silent Cinema4334453
CULT 544Armenians in the Otto. Emp.: A Lit. Pers4354354
CULT 545Tragedy and Tragic Vision in Modern4354354
CULT 546Contemp.Turkish Litera. and Soc. Cha4354354
CULT 550Ottoman Book Culture4344354
CULT 552Science, Culture and Power4535354
CULT 554Cinema and Consciousness4334354
CULT 556The Debates on Lang. and Lit. Pol.4354354
CULT 590Graduate Seminar5333354
CULT 599MA Thesis4533355