ŞEHİR Students Conveyed Greetings of Anatolia to Senegal
ŞEHİR student Mustafa Ndiaye, after his travel around Turkey last summer, was accompanied by his Turkish friends and they travelled to Senegal. They introduced the Anatolia and Turkey in their visit, they called "Greetings from Anatolia".
​​​Mustafa Ndiaye, the senior students in the Islamic Studies in İstanbul Şehir University, was on a bike journey to Senegal with his Turkish friends, Furkan Türkyılmaz, who is the student in ŞEHİR Architecture Department, and Veysel Karakaş, who is the student in ŞEHİR Islamic Studies Department in this summer. Ndiaye and his friends shared their experiences in their two-month journey in which they travelled 14 cities in an interview held on 24.10.2019 in İstanbul Şehir University.

Mustafa Ndiaye: "The most challenging thing in our journey was the prejudice of the people thinking us to be French."
Mustafa Ndiaye guided his friends during their travel and stated that the people got surprised their being Turkish and Muslim, and added, "Turkey and Senegal are different in terms of their environment, atmosphere and living style. We have very distinctive life styles except for some cultural elements and common values acquired due to the religion. The Eastern Anatolia Region in Turkey is the most similar region to the living style in here. The life here is running more slowly than in Turkey. I travelled around Turkey for three months without money. It is impossible to do so though the people of Senegal are hospitable, Life, environment, weather conditions and possibilities are different. Before they understand my friends to be Turkish, they think them to be French, which often caused them to keep us at bay. My friends overcame this bias in some encounters with people; however, it was the most challenging thing for us during our journey."

Furkan Türkyılmaz: "The life in Dakar suburbs is very different from the life we are used to."
Furkan Türkyılmaz stated that they were impressed mostly by the suburbs in Dakar during their travel and added, "Dakar was both the starting and end point of our journey. So, we had a lot of time there. There is a distinctive living style that we are not used to in those suburbs. When you see this life, concepts are reconstructed in your mind. You question the perception about streets, houses and neighbourliness because the norms of suburban life are different from of here."

Veysel Karakaş informed about the food during their travel, and shared his experience, "Since the majority of the country is Muslim, we didn’t have any difficulties in finding halal food. Senegal made me surprised in terms of their cuisine. I was expecting more spicy, difficult-to-eat and smelly food but it was not like that. The most basic elements of their cuisine, as far as I see, are rice, fish, nuts and some vegetables. Meals are served in big plates and their ingredients are composed of sauces, vegetables, fish, chicken or meat."