School of Languages
İstanbul Şehir University School of Languages teaches English, the common language of the globalized world, with a communicative approach through its English preparatory program on the one hand and comprises other languages as the second language under the same roof, on the other hand. In addition to teaching foreign languages, Turkish is offered in this department, as well.
​In a university, where the language of instruction is English, it is vital for students to properly learn English in order to be competent in the fields as English reading and understanding, listening and note-taking, stating their opinion in discussions, answering to the questions in the exams, and preparing research reports. However, being competent in English does not mean abandoning your mother tongue. With this belief, ŞEHİR School of Languages also gives importance to Turkish reading and writing, critical approach and written and oral expression skills in mother tongue. It covers the programs which do not disregard the progress of students in these fields. ŞEHİR School of Languages also offers Turkish course as foreign language. Turkish is taught to students from various geography of the World with a communicative approach. In addition to English, School of Languages, offers other foreign languages as an elective course. In the second foreign language program, students are expected to be able to communicate in another language.

In the education of both Turkish and English and other languages; the language skills, which will help students in all branches of life and during their academic studies and their professional career, are offered to students with a communicative education by an academic staff specialized in their fields.​