English Preparatory Program

The mission of SEPP

The mission of the English Preparatory Program of İstanbul Şehir University is to provide the students with English language education at high standards. We ensure this through:
    • ​​Supporting the students through an English language program that increases their English language proficiency to help ensure that they are successful both in their departmental studies and in their future professional lives.
    • Supporting students in their future academic endeavors to meet or exceed İstanbul Şehir University’s standards of academic excellence.
    • Helping students navigate and adapt to life at İstanbul Şehir University and to the rigors of the university in general.
    • Promoting learner autonomy and language skills development through guided instruction that incorporates best practices of instruction and assessment.
    • Maintaining program consistency and excellence through continuous commitment to professional development of the instructors.​

SEPP Objectives

​ŞEHİR English Preparatory Program (SEPP) is a prerequisite for entry into the undergraduate programs (in English) at İstanbul Şehir University.
SEPP aims to provide its students with the skills of written and spoken communication and of understanding what they read and listen in English, which will assist them in their academic studies. Other than that, SEPP is committed to:
    • ​​helping students improve their skills of conducting individual and group researches, of assessing their personal abilities, of critical thought, active listening and studying.
    • helping students become more engaged in their education both inside and outside the classroom through technology tools.
    • promoting learner autonomy and life-long learning.
    • contributing to the success and prestige of İstanbul Şehir University at national and international level.​

Our  Professional  Instructor Team 

All instructors have at a minimum a Master’s degree or an internationally recognized English Language Teaching (ELT) certification such as a DELTA** diploma, CELTA* certification and a minimum of three years of experience. Şehir prides itself on hiring a rich diversity of international and Turkish instructors.
​Of the 75-member instructor team, there are:
    • ​​48 Master’s degrees,
    • 17 CELTA and/or ICELT holders,
    • 10 DELTA holders or candidates,
    • 8 PhD holders or candidates,
    • 10 Years average of teaching experience,
    • 20 international instructors from 8 different countries.

* The CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages) is the most highly regarded and globally accepted core English-language teaching certificate.

** Similar to a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching, the DELTA diploma provides more experienced teachers with deeper theoretical knowledge, assessed observations and the opportunity to do independent research on a topic of interest in the field.​