Other Language Programs

Turkish for International Students

Turkish for International Students within the context of Core Curriculum is offered to international students studying at Istanbul Sehir University. The course comprises two semesters. This course is designed to teach Modern Turkish as a foreign language with communicative teaching methods and a variety of practices such as carrying out projects, making presentations, and writing essays in Turkish. It aims to introduce students to the Turkish culture and literature making use of authentic materials such as poems, stories, comics, songs, newspaper articles and movies.


To overcome the difficulties arising from the Cyrillic alphabet in Russian language education, RUS 101 gives great importance to acquiring skills in phonetics, pronunciation and to familiarizing with the letter form. Students starting at RUS 101 to get basic grammar knowledge and vocabulary continue to have these skills on RUS 102. At the end of the course, they will be able to use simple phrases, make simple sentences, will be able to discuss daily, specific topics and learn about Russian culture. It is aimed that the students who take the Russian 101, 102 and 201 courses and become active participants will reach the A1 level in accordance with the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.​


Spanish is offered as a second foreign language in School of Languages. The main aim of the Spanish course is to enable students to talk about specific topics. This course uses the “communicative” approach to teaching and learning Spanish. By the end of one semester, the course aims to take students to A1 level according to Common European Framework. In other words, students will know basic grammar structures, numbers and dates and be able to carry on basic conversations in Spanish.


The course is offered in two stages: 101 and 102. By the end of the 14-week program, students who complete German 101 course successfully will be able to recite the alphabet and numbers, greetings, months and days of the year, utter simple sentences, identify daily useful phrases, and broaden cultural awareness. In German 102 course, the instructors help students develop listening, speaking and reading skills as well as grammar and vocabulary. German 101 aims to take learners to A1 level and German 102 aims to take learners to A2 level according to Common European Framework.


The course is offered in two stages: 101 and 102. French 101 aims to provide young adults with a general acquisition of the French Language at a beginner level. At the end of the course students are expected to be able to communicate effectively when faced with daily situations, and to have grasped a certain level of basic grammar usage. Upon completion of the course, students will have reached the level of A1, determined according to Europass Language Passport. French 102 aims to take learners to A2 level.


The course is offered in two stages. Students learn Persian pronouns, phrases, noun clauses and other basic grammar topics in PER 101. In PER 102, students are encouraged to read articles in newspapers and magazines to help them develop reading, writing and speaking skills. Also, in order to introduce students to Persian culture, civilization and literature, examples from poets such as Hayyam, Hafiz, Sadi, and Firdevsi will be provided. 


The Arabic Language program is also offered to ŞEHİR students who want to learn a second foreign language apart from English. Arabic Language is offered to ŞEHİR students in two stages: undergraduate program and graduate program. The Arabic Language program for undergraduate students comprises 3 credit courses per week. This program, which starts in the first year of undergraduate studies, lasts for 4 semesters. Each course is offered every semester. Upper-Intermediate level courses are also offered if requested.
The Arabic Language program for graduate students comprises 8-hour courses per week. This program focuses on modern Arabic. Generally, more emphasis is given to printed and visual media.