ŞEHİR Students Got 3rd Place in the First Blockchain Hackathon in Turkey
ŞEHİR Team of Chaingen got third place in the field of "Digital Identity" in Blockfellow, the first Enterprise Blockchain Hackathon in Turkey, in which there are more than 20 leading firms both in our country and the world as partners.
İstanbul Şehir University Chaingen Team got the third place in the Blockfellow, the first Enterprise Blockchain Hackathon in Turkey, among more than 100 projects. Chaingen team was entitled to get award with their Blockchain based project in the field of Digital Identity, by which they aim to provide saving of time and money for companies.

Chaingen team members are Taha Üzümcü and Reha Üzümcü, the students of Computer Science and Engineering, Taha Kobal, the student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ahmet Semih Tunalı, the student of Economics, Selçuk Pınar, the student of Management Information Systems, who developed their project under the mentorship of Selimhan Çakır and Mümin Kocamaz, the students of Computer Science and Engineering. The projects aims to gather the entire documents and cards under the safe and single platform in the blockchain base, removing identity card, passport, licence and the use of different cards and documents in education, hospital and banking processes.

In the competition, which 15 universities in Turkey attended, teams presented about 10 different sectors, from finance to energy, and logistics to health. Blockfellow aims to train young people in line with the sector trends and make them meet institutions there. In the training program, which started 3 months ago for this event, they  taught students from 15 universities in the field of blockchain.