Investigation of the Emergence of Global Halal Market
ŞEHİR Faculty Member Prof. Özlem Sandıkcı Türkdoğan's project has been awarded with British Academy Newton Mobility Grants Program.

Prof. Özlem Sandıkcı Türkdoğan, Faculty Member of the School of Management and Administrative Sciences in İstanbul Şehir University, has been awarded British Academy Newton Mobility Grant for her project "The Institutional Role of Imagination in the Formation of a Market: an Investigation of the Emergence of Global Halal Market".

The project aims to investigate the formation and expansion of the global halal market and its implications for Turkish and the British economic actors including companies, industry associations, and state agencies. The study will identify the sources and types of discourses that produce information about the nature, size, and value of the halal trade and explore how such discourses seek to create a global halal consumer market. Data will be collected through ethnographic and netnographic research methods and from multiple sources (e.g., media, industry reports, state departments of trade, halal certifiers, academic outlets, and market agency reports). The project is expected to make significant contributions to theory and foster knowledge exchange with policy and practice.