Final Registration for the Dormitories
Final Registration for the Dormitories

​​Dear students,

Below you may view the details of the documents required for final dormitory registration.


  • Application form (Letter of application that states the student wants to stay in the dormitory. The document will be prepared during the final registration procedures.)
  • Photocopy of your Turkish ID card (Passport copy for international students)
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Proof of student status (Study permit for international students) (The related document might be obtained through e-devlet.)
  • Criminal record and archive record certificate (Could be obtained from any court house.)
  • Medical certificate prepared by a physician showing that the student's health is suitable for dormitory residence. Reports without tuberculosis screening are invalid. Medical certificates must be renewed every year before dormitory registration. (The medical certificates obtained from a community health center or a private hospital are valid on condition that they include a tuberculosis screening.)
  • Service Procurement Contract signed by the student to declare acceptance of dormitory rules and legislations (It will be provided by the dormitory management and filled up during final registration procedures.)
  • A bank receipt proving that the dormitory fee for the semester has been paid (Except students who have dormitory scholarship)

The dorm payments have to be completed until September 12 evening. Final registration procedure will be completed when the student comes to the dormitories to move in with their belongings. For final registrations, you don't need to show up before the date of moving in the dormitories. 

Payments can be made to the previously announced bank account of İstanbul Şehir University. For further information about payment by credit card or mail order, please contact Financial Affairs via or 0 216 559 9355.

We kindly ask you to pay attention to properly collect all required documents prior to final registrations and submit all of them to the dormitory officers so as to avoid any inconvenience during check-in procedures. It is compulsory to renew all application documents each year.

Also, we would like to remind you that personal care and cleaning products to be used in the bathrooms of dorm buildings are to be provided by the students themselves, and that there is no luggage room in our dormitories.

Dormitory Management