International Student Admissions
İstanbul Şehir University welcomes students from around the world and provides a great range of opportunities and experiences.
​​The process concerning the acceptance of incoming international students is being carried out by the International Relations Office.

​Applications are made via

Below are the steps and process to be followed by international students who want to apply to the ŞEHİR.

For more information, contact ŞEHİR International Relations Office via​


The following sections will guide you through the application process. You should also read our entry requirements and policies​ before you fill in your application form through​


To ensure equal consideration for your course, your application should reach us between 1 January and 1 September.

Once you have made your application through​ we will receive your information, which will be sent to the Admissions Committee for consideration. Our decision will be delivered to you in 10 days and by e-mail.​


  • Fill the online application form (
  • Receive your conditional acceptance offer by İstanbul Şehir University International Relations Office in 2-5 working days.
  • Pay 1000 USD deposit payment and upload your bank receipt to the application system.
  • Receive your acceptance letter from İstanbul Şehir University International Relations Office​ in 5-10 working days.
  • Apply for a student visa from the nearest Turkish Embassy in your home country.
  • ​Enter Turkey with your student visa, come to Dragos Campus and visit;
        • ​​​​​Financial Affairs (to make your remaining payment)
        • Student Academic Affairs (to finalize your registration and get a date for English Placement Exam)
        • Visit İstanbul Şehir University International Relations Office to get a residence permit appointment and health insurance
  • ​Enter English Placement Exam
  • ​Select courses



Undergraduate Degree Programs (2019 - 2020) 

Political Science and International Relations (EN)$ 6,000
Political Science and International Relations (TR)$ 4,500
Sociology$ 4,500
Psychology (EN)$ 6,000
Psychology (TR)$ 4,500
History$ 4,500
Philosophy$ 4,500
Turkish Language and Literature (70% Turkish, 30% English)$ 4,500
English Language and Literature$ 6,000
Translation and Interpretation$ 4,500
Computer Science and Engineering$ 6,000
Electrical and Electronics Engineering$ 6,000
Industrial Engineering ( EN)$ 6,000
Industrial Engineering ( TR)$ 4,500
Mechanical Engineering$ 6,000
Civil Engineering$ 6,000
Architecture (EN)$ 6,000
Architecture (TR)$ 4,500
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (TR)$ 6,000
Industrial Design (TR)$ 6,000
Management$ 6,000
Management Information Systems (TR)$ 4,500
International Trade and Management$ 6,000
International Finance$ 4,500
Economics$ 4,500
Cinema and Television (EN)$ 6,000
Cinema and Television (TR)$ 4,500
Public Relations and Advertising (TR)$ 4,500
New Media and Communication (TR)$ 4,500
Law (70% Turkish, 30% English)$ 6,000
Islamic Studies (Arabic, English and Turkish)$ 6,000

Associate Degree Programs (Vocational School) (2019 - 2020)

Justice$ 2,000
Justice (Evening education)$ 2,000
Computer Programming$ 2,000
Computer Programming (Evening education)$ 2,000
Child Development​
$ 2,000
Child Development (Evening education)$ 2,000
Graphic Design$ 2,000
Graphic Design (Evening education)$ 2,000
Photography and Videography$ 2,000
Construction Technology$ 2,000
Social Services$ 2,000
Occupational Health and Safety$ 2,000
Public Relations and Publicity $ 2,000
Interior Design$ 2,000

Graduate Degree Programs (2019 - 2020)

​For tuition fees of ŞEHİR graduate degree programs, please click here.