Life at ŞEHİR
The journey of ŞEHİR, which started in Altunizade in 2010, goes on in the Dragos Campus.
​​​ŞEHİR Dragos Campus, built with a perspective having respect for nature and history, strives for being one of the most important science and culture centers in the region as well as for its students and employees.

With students, academics and administrative staff, İstanbul Şehir University offers one of the most vibrant campuses in the region and Asian part of İstanbul, in which it combines academic studies with social life, art with sports and green with blue.

On this huge campus, you can go for a walk through the coppice forest in which our eyes can rest and enjoy the beauty of nature; our ears can have a moment of silence and concentrate on the sweet sounds of nature and you can leave all the busy life behind. Also, you can use bicycle paths for the transportation within the campus. Through the bicycle paths integrated into the campus, you can ride a bike along the shore and enjoy blue sea and the Princes’ Islands scape.

Dragos Campus has dormitories for up to 1250 of the students and a living space for 24/7. The campus has been built to accommodate all the demands of campus life with indoor and outdoor sports and festival areas, conference and cinema halls, library and study areas, television and radio studios, cafes, markets and dining halls that meet different catering requirements.

More than 50 Student Clubs, Student Activities Center, Fitness and Dance Studios and Exhibition Area in the Student Center offer an active life, while Health, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Contact Center, Career Center and Student Disability Center, Alumni Association and Mentorship Adjustment Program support students during the education and after the graduation.

ŞEHİR is a colorful, vibrant and universal university with more than 800 international students and more than 300 international exchange agreements. A multicultural campus life awaits you thanks to the international students from 87 different countries.