Frequently Asked Questions
​​​​​​​​​​​​1. ​Who is eligible to live in the student dormitories?
İstanbul Şehir University students are eligible to live in our student accommodation. Students who have not completed their enrollment or who have been removed from the dorms with a “Permanent Expulsion” notice cannot get a place in student accommodation.
​​​2. I want to live in the student dormitories. How can I apply for a place?
In order to apply for place in one of our student rooms, please fill out the application form on our website available within the time periods designated by the Student Dormitory Office. The dates for applications are announced on our website.
​​​3. Is there any order of priority for getting a room?

Rooms are allocated according to the following order of priority:
  • ​Full scholarship students (students with dormitory scholarship)
  • Disabled students
  • International students
  • Students from other cities
  • Students resident in Istanbul 
For students who are already residing in Istanbul, Istanbul is divided into three different regions and priority is settled according to the distance between them and the campus.
4.​​​ Can I choose who I want to share a room with?
Absolutely. When you fill out the application form you can choose one or two friends who you would like to share a room with. Your roommates must also choose to share with you. However, this does not mean that we can put everyone together with those of their choosing. Requests are met by the dormitory management if the circumstances permit.
​​​5. Can I change my room after being allocated a place?

Yes, you can. After you have permanently enrolled, the dormitory management will set a date when you can swap your room with another student if that student, as well as the dormitory management, agree.
You can only change your room once and only if there is a space available. You must make your request to change room within 45 days of lessons starting. Please note that your request may be turned down.
6.​​​ I was allowed to choose my roommates but we were not placed in the same room. Why?
The dormitory management may not be able to meet all roommate requests. Another reason why your chosen roommate was not placed in the same room with you might be that your friend did not choose to share with you, or that the student numbers were incorrectly registered. 
​​​7. I missed the application dates. What can I do?
You need wait until all placements are done, and then contact the dormitory management to find out whether they have any spaces left. We will gladly admit you if there are any spaces left.
​​​8. When can I move into my room? When can I move out of my room?
Moving in and leaving dates are determined by the Student Dormitory Office based on the academic year. 
​​​9. What documents do I need to secure my place?​

If you are given a permanent place, you are required to submit the following documents at registration:

  • ​Application form
  • Photocopy of your ID card/passport for international students
  • Proof of student status (study permit for international students)
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Medical certificate prepared by a physician showing that the student’s health is suitable for dormitory residence (reports without tuberculosis screening are invalid and medical certificates must be renewed every year before dormitory registration)
  • Criminal record and archive record certificate
  • Residence permit obtained from the Directorate of Security for international students
  • Signed “Service Procurement Contract” indicating that the student accepts the dormitories’ rules and decisions
  • Bank receipt showing payment of the dormitory fee (does not apply to students with dormitory scholarship)

10. Can I go in and out of my room outside of working hours or on weekends? How can I contact the dormitory staff?
You can go in and out of your room freely on the condition that you have made your payment and submitted the required documents for registration. You can find the contact information on our website.​
​​​11. Can I pay the dormitory fee on a monthly basis?
No, you cannot. Dormitory fees are paid for the entire period of stay. 
​​​12. How and where can I pay my dormitory fee?
Student dormitory fees are paid via EFT, transfer, or direct deposit into Istanbul Şehir University’s bank account. (Transaction charges must be paid by the student.) You can also pay with your credit card all in one go or in installments (with certain banks only) at the university’s Finance Office. The Finance Office will also be able to give you more information on payment conditions and options.
​​​13. Do I need to renew my medical certificate every year?
Yes, you must. You need to renew your medical certificate (which includes a tuberculosis scan) that states that you pose no health danger in the dormitory and submit your medical certificate to the dormitory management when you enroll.
14.​​​ Is it okay to bring the documents required for enrollment after I move into the dormitory? 
No. You must submit the required documents to the dormitory management during the enrollment/moving in process. We advise you to take extra care about this issue so that you don’t face any difficulty when enrolling/moving in.
​​​15. What happens if I fail to pay my dormitory fee?
Students who have preregistered or already been allocated a space but have failed to make the necessary payment within the prescribed time lose their place. If your place is canceled, you will need to reapply. 
​​​16. Can I end my agreement before the semester ends? Will I get refunded if I do?

Yes, you can leave the dormitory and end your agreement before the semester ends. Please visit "Refund Conditions"​ webpage for our refund policy.
​​​17. How much do I need to pay if I want to move into the dormitory in the middle of a semester?

As of the first teaching day as prescribed in the university’s academic year in the Fall or Spring Semesters;
a) Students who move into the dormitory before and on the 30th day pay all of the annual dormitory fee.
b) Students who move into the dormitory after and on the 31th day pay the entire fee of the remaning months depending on the annual dormitory fee (including current month).

​​​18. I want to continue staying in my room in the Spring Semester. Do I have to move out and reapply at the end of Fall Semester?
No, you do not. Students who want to continuing living in the dormitory in Spring Semester do not need to move out at the end of Fall Semester or reapply. Students who want to continue living in the dormitory for Spring Semester need to make a Spring Semester payment within the prescribed time.
​​​19. Do I need to empty my room in the semester break?
If you are to continue staying in your room in the Spring Semester, you do not need to empty your room entirely. However, you are responsible for the security of your all personal belongings. The dormitory management is not responsible for any kind of damage, loss or detriment to personal belongings that are left behind.
​​​20. Do I need to empty my room at the end of Spring Semester?

Yes, you can. At the end of the Spring Semester you need to fill out the Discharge Form and submit it to the dormitory management within the prescribed period, empty your room and leave the dormitory with all of your belongings. 
If you are to attend Summer School, then you need to move to a new room on the floors designated for summer stay by the dormitory management.
The dormitory management check your room’s fixtures and fittings when you sign out and you are required to pay for any damages if any are found.
​​​21. How do we get in and out of the dormitory?
You can get in and out by swiping your dormitory ID card at the baffle gates.
​​​22. Is there any curfew?
Students are required to enter dormitory till 01:00 at the latest.
​​​23. How far are the dormitories from the other buildings, libraries and social facilities on campus?
The dormitories are within walking distance to the on-campus schools, libraries and other social facilities.​​
​​​24. I have a full scholarship. Can I stay in the dormitory for free?
If your scholarship covers boarding as well, you can stay in the dormitories for nine Fall and Spring semesters for free. 
25.​​​ I have full scholarship that also covers boarding. Can I stay in the dormitories for free in the Summer Semester?
Your boarding scholarship covers 9 months. The housing contract ends with the end of Spring Semester. However, decisions for students with full boarding scholarship who will continue their studies in the Summer Semester are determined by the university management. If the university decides that the boarding scholarship does not cover the Summer Semester, full scholarship students are required to pay for their stay in the Summer Semester as well.
​​​26. What happens if I don’t fill out the Discharge Form?
You cannot properly end your housing contract without submitting the Discharge Form to the management. If you leave without submitting the Discharge Form, you will receive a reprimand. Any personal belongings left in the room will be disposed of.
​​​27. Can I have guests stay in my room? Can my parents stay overnight in my room?
No, you cannot. You cannot have guests stay overnight in your room. Your can receive guests or visitors in the designated guest rooms between 10.00 - 23.00. The hosting student is responsible if the guest does not leave the premises within the prescribed time.
28.​​​ I am a Şehir University student and am not living in the university dormitories. However, can I still stay in the dormitories for a short amount of time during exams or another time?
Absolutely. ŞEHİR students can stay in the dormitories during exams or at other times as long as there is a vacancy and they pay the required fee.  
29.​​​ What are the punishments for breaking dormitory rules?
Students who violate the dormitory rules are subject to disciplinary action according to the decision of the dormitory management. Students who violate the rules are warned, reprimanded, temporarily suspended, or permanently removed from the dormitories based on the severity of the violation.
30. Can we organize social events in the common use areas?
You can organize social events in the common use areas on the condition that the dormitory management is notified and approves the event.
31.​​​ What kind of belongings should I bring with me?​
You can bring things for personal use, as well as utensils you might want to use in the kitchen. Pillows, duvets, beds, and bed linens are provided by the dormitory management. Personal hygiene products, such as toilet paper or soap used in the rooms are provided by the students themselves.
​​​32. How can I wash my clothes in the dormitory?
You can use free-of-charge washing machines and dryers in the dormitory buildings. You’ll need to bring your own detergent and other similar products. You can use the irons and the ironing boards free of charge. The conditions of use as well as the using hours of the laundry rooms may be changed/limited by the dormitory management.
​​​33. Are there restaurants, cafeterias or dining halls in the dormitories?
There are no restaurants, cafeterias, dining halls, or any kind of food services in the dormitory buildings. 
​​​34. Where can I go to eat?
You can eat at the on-campus dining hall where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. Other than that, you can use the other cafeterias located in the campus.
​​​35. Can I keep or use devices such as kettles, stoves, electrical heaters, microwaves, etc. in my room?
For fire safety, appliances, devices or any kind of equipment that work on gas or electricity, such as stoves, ovens, electric fryers, heaters, microwaves, sandwich toasters, grills, etc. are forbidden in the room.​
​​​36. What services does the dormitory fee cover?
The dormitory fee covers accommodation in the assigned room, cleaning services, heating, lighting, hot water, and use of common areas (laundry room, kitchen, TV rooms, etc.). Meals are not included in the fee.
37.​​​ Are there any kitchens for individual use in the dormitories?
The dormitory buildings have basic kitchens which you can use to prepare simple and easy meals. Students are asked not to cook foods that have strong odors or disturb the environment. You will need to bring your own groceries and wash and clean everything you have used in the kitchen after you are done. Any food left in the kitchen is disposed of by the cleaning staff.
​​​38. Are there fitness rooms or gyms in the dormitory buildings?
No, there aren’t. The dormitory buildings do not have gyms. However, there are gyms, basketball and volleyball courts, artificial turf pitches and soccer pitches on campus. You can use all of these services and they are just in walking distance from your dormitory.  
39.​​​ What is the cleaning policy? 

All student rooms and common use areas are regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning company. 
Common use areas are cleaned once a day. The student rooms are cleaned once a week based on the cleaning rota established by the management. Students are asked to keep their personal belongings in order and leave their rooms ready for cleaning on cleaning days. Rooms that are left untidy are not cleaned.
The trash cans in the bathrooms are emptied once a day by the cleaning staff.
The sheets are washed and changed every fortnight.
40.​​​ Is there a fridge in my room?
Yes, all student rooms come with one mini fridge. Cleaning the fridge is your and your roommates’ responsibility. However, any strong smelling, rancid or out of date food(s) left in the fridge may be disposed of by the cleaning staff.​
​​​41. Is there internet access in the dormitories?
Yes, there is. You can use the wireless internet access in the buildings for free.
42.​​​ Can I keep my own furnishings in my room?

You can keep furnishings such as carpets in your room on the condition that it is okay with your roommates, as well as the dormitory management. You need to take your furnishings with you when you end your stay. Personal belongings left in the room may be disposed of.

43.​​​ What should I do and who should I talk to if I have a problem in the dormitory?
Management staff as well as security/information staff provide 24/7 service (excluding exceptional circumstances). You can contact the dormitory management staff if you want to report a problem or get information.
44.​​​ The internet speed is very slow/I have problems getting internet access. Who should I ask for help?
The IT unit deals with problems with internet access. You can send an email to for any kind of internet related problems. 
​​​45. I am a student with disabilities/I have health problems. Am I required to submit a report about this before enrollment?
Before they can permanently enroll, students with disabilities need to submit a medical report on their disability and students with health problems need to submit a medical report that states the student carries no diseases that endanger others in the dormitories.
​​​46. I am having problems with my roommates. Can I change my room?
You need to make an application with the dormitory management to change your room. If there is a vacancy, you’ll be able to swap rooms.
47.​​​ Can a family member who studies in a different university in Istanbul live with me in the dormitory?
No, they cannot. The dormitories are for İstanbul Şehir University students only.
​​​48. Can an İstanbulŞehir University student who does not normally live in the dormitories stay in my room during exams or in case of bad weather?
ŞEHİR students can stay in the rooms designated by the management on the condition that they pay for their stay.
​​​49. Are there storage rooms where I can keep my other belongings? 
No, there aren’t. The dormitory buildings do not have storage or luggage rooms for keeping unused belongings, boxes, or luggage.
​​​50. Can someone help me with my luggage?
No. You’ll need to carry your own belongings.
51.​​​ Sometimes the management office is locked. How can I contact the management staff?
The management staff regularly patrol the floors for checks. Their offices may be locked during these intervals (unless there is a note on the door indicating otherwise). In such cases, you can email your request or problem to the management staff. 
52.​​​ When I moved into my room I noticed that some of the furniture/appliances were broken/out of order. What should I do?
You should notify the dormitory management of any broken or out of order furniture/appliances in the room within two days of moving in. Otherwise, you may be held responsible for the damage and have to pay for it.
​​​53. What should I do if I get ill while living in the dormitories?
You should contact the dormitory management staff. They will tell you how to get to the closest health center. If needed, they will call an ambulance for you.
​​​54. I want to stay in the same room every year. Is this possible? 
No, it’s not. You cannot stay in the same room every year as dormitory applications and room placements are renewed every year. You need to empty your room at the end of every Spring Semester and leave or move to the assigned room for the Summer Semester.​
​​​55. Can I smoke in the dormitory buildings (including the student rooms and all other areas)?
No, you cannot. Smoking is prohibited in the dormitory buildings (including the student rooms and all other areas). If this prohibition is violated, relevant disciplinary action is taken.
​​​56. Can I drink or keep alcoholic beverages in my room?
No, you cannot. Drinking alcohol in the dormitory buildings (including the student rooms and other areas), bringing alcohol to the dormitories, and keeping empty or full alcohol bottles in the student rooms is forbidden. You must not come to the dormitory under the influence of alcohol. If this prohibition is violated, relevant disciplinary action is taken.
57.​​​ Can I watch TV or listen to music in my room?
You can watch TV/films or listen to music in your room on the condition that you do not disturb your roommates.
​​​58. I have been expelled from the dormitory with a “permanent expulsion” notice. Can I reapply to the dormitory next semester? 
We are sorry. Students who have been expelled or have violated the dormitory rules lose their right to live in the dormitory and cannot reapply.
59.​​​ How can I contact the dormitory management if I cannot use my mobile phone?
You can contact the dormitory management staff by emailing to their addresses carrying extension “”.
​​​60. I feel that I’m not getting enough support from the management staff and am being ignored. What should I do?
If you think that your problems are not being resolved or that you are being ignored, you should contact the Dormitory Directorate.
61.​​​ There is an empty bed in my friend’s room. Since I am a dormitory student as well, can I stay in that room?
No, you cannot. You must stay in the room that is assigned to you by the dormitory management. You cannot stay in another room without the knowledge and approval of the dormitory management.
​​​62. Where can I collect my mail?
You are responsible for your own mail. The dormitory management is not responsible for mail or packages (in case of a damage or loss) that are left in the information or management office.
63.​​​ I or one of my roommates is having psychological problems. What should I do?
You can seek help from the psychologists at ŞEHİR Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PDRM). The dormitory management guides students with psychological problems to the PDRM or a health center for professional help. All information on these students and their cases is kept confidential.
​​​64. Can a family member stay in my room if I get sick?
No, They cannot stay in your room.
​​​65. Can I put posters, notices, announcements, messages, pictures, etc. up on the walls or in the elevators in the dormitories?
No, you cannot. Hanging any kind of posters, notices, announcements, bulletins, pictures, etc. anywhere in the dormitory buildings without the confirmation of the dormitory management is forbidden.
​​​66. Can I keep a pet in my room?
No, you cannot. Pets are not allowed in the rooms.​