Services and Facilities

Dormitory Management: Administrative staff are present 24/7 on the premises in order to help students with all of their needs (excluding exceptional circumstances).

Bedding: Each student is provided with a bed, sheets (linens, pillow case, duvet case), undersheet, pillow and duvet. The sheets are washed every fortnight.

Furniture: Each room comes with one bed, one desk, one desk chair, one bookshelf and one closet per student, alongside a mini fridge and shoe rack for common use.

Health Center: A health center located on campus offers ŞEHİR's students services within working hours.

Security and Emergencies: ŞEHİR dormitories and the entire campus are protected by a professional security company 24/7. In case of an emergency, please call the extension number 4444034 / 9850 for the male dorm security, and 4444034 / 9896 for the female dorm security.

Cleaning: All student rooms and common use areas are cleaned regularly on a rota by a professional cleaning company. 

Common use areas are cleaned every day, while student rooms are cleaned once a week based on the cleaning rota established by the management.

Students are asked to keep their personal belongings in order and leave their rooms ready for cleaning on cleaning days. Rooms that are left untidy are not cleaned.

The dorm buildings are subject to monthly insect and rodent control.

Hot Water and Heating: The ŞEHİR dormitories have 24/7 hot water and a central heating system.

Laundry Room: The dormitory laundry rooms are equipped with washing machines, dryers and ironing boards. Each floor also has an ironing room.

Kitchen: The dormitory buildings have kitchens complete with ovens, stoves, sandwich toasters, microwaves and dishwashers for personal use. Students can use their own utensils to cook and prepare food in the kitchens.

Students are asked to clean any appliances they have used, the counter and other areas of the kitchen after they are finished.

Recreation and Study Rooms: Our dormitory buildings have recreation and study rooms.

Internet Access: The buildings offer wireless internet access.

Repair and Maintenance: Any kind of electric, plumbing and construction-related maintenance and repair is carried out by our professional technical team.

Use of Electrical Appliances: Electrical appliances using excessive electricity, such as electric heaters, kettles, radiators, stoves, ovens, air-conditioners and halogen lighting, are forbidden for the safety of our students. 

Drinking Water: Our dormitory buildings have drinking fountains for students to use.

Fire Safety: All common use areas, as well as the student rooms, have fire detectors, and the dormitory buildings are equipped with electronic alarm systems for fire prevention. The buildings are also equipped with fire extinguishers, fire cabinets and fire escapes.

Mailing/Shipping Services: Students must personally collect any letters or packages sent to them. The management is not responsible for any kinds of personal deliveries left in the management rooms.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the dormitory buildings (including student rooms and common areas) as required by law.

Luggage Rooms: The dormitory buildings do not have luggage or storage rooms for any kinds of extra boxes, luggage or similar personal belongings. ​