Information Technologies
Information technologies are widely used at İstanbul Şehir University.

​Students can safely access all operational systems, such as the Student Affairs System, anytime anywhere. In accordance with the “smart university” concept, students have access to the campus from anywhere and to anywhere from the campus instantaneously. All points of access at ŞEHİR have been designed in a “user friendly” structure to enable convenient access.

Computer Use

ŞEHİR provides ultrabook computers to all of its ​undergraduate students during their undergraduate studies. These computers have all the necessary features to meet students’ needs regarding their studies. Through these computers, both academicians and students can access all the content and applications provided by the University. ​

Internet Services

By means of the safe, non-intrusive, and fast internet service provided by İstanbul Şehir University Information Technologies department, all students can have free access to internet from any point in the campuses and dorms. A web filter is used so as to maintain the security of the content accessed in our University’s network, and internet accesses are recorded in accordance with the legislation.

E-Mail, File Archiving and Sharing Services

İstanbul Şehir University provides each student an email address with the extension “”. İstanbul Şehir University benefits from the Gmail infrastructure of Google. Thus, these e-mail accounts possess all the features of a personal “Gmail” account. E-mailing services at the university has quite a large capacity of 10 Terabytes per person including the Google Drive service for file archiving and sharing. Both students and academicians can benefit from this service to meet their file archiving and sharing needs during their studies.

Printer Services

İstanbul Şehir University provides its students self-service printing and copying facilities at various locations in the campus. The computers assigned to academicians and undergraduate students are submitted after their printer arrangements done. The documents can be printed out by swiping the “ŞEHİR Card” through the nearest printing machines after printing is done by the computer. Prints can be obtained from any printing machines regardless of campus and printer. 

In addition, it is possible to benefit from the Copy Center for multiple prints, copying, and binding.

ŞEHİR Student Portal

ŞEHİR students can access the student portal designed for them by signing into their MyŞehir accounts and can follow up all the news and notifications within ŞEHİR. Furthermore, students can follow up their assignments and grades, share documents, learn their exam results, etc. via this portal.