​Outcomes of the mentorship program for  mentees:

  • ​​​​​To be informed about the academic and social opportunities provided by İstanbul Şehir University,
  • To be part of academic and social activities,
  • To develop individual and group work skills,
  • To learn ways of fulfilling the individual needs in the university, to know the related units and to find solutions to their problems,
  • To establish strong communication with mentors, faculty members, administrators and students,
  • To recognize the university culture and contribute to it.

Outcomes of the mentorship program for mentors:

  • ​​To strengthen leadership skills and sense of responsibility,
  • To develop communication skills,
  • To develop teamwork and organizational skills,
  • To reinforce feelings of aid and solidarity,
  • To strengthen the sense of belonging to İstanbul Şehir University and contribute to the active university life.​