Who is a Mentee?

A mentee is an undergraduate and Vocational School student who enrolled in İstanbul Şehir University in 2017-2018 and has just started the Preparatory School, at first grade or repeat the Preparatory School. In addition, students with disabilities are given mentorship support based on volunteerism.

How to Create Mentee Groups?

​Mentee groups are based on departments. It is suggested that the groups will not exceed 20 people for each department. Depending on the number of mentors and the number of enrolled students, this number may be a few more or less. The mentee groups in the Preparatory School will be formed according to end times of classes for different levels.

Will All New Students Attend Mentorship Program?

​Mentoring program and services are announced to target mentee groups. The program is not compulsory for new students. The mentees who need support and want to participate in the activities can participate in the activities of the mentor and the program they are affiliated with.

How to Contact (First) with Mentee?

​The lists created by the Mentorship Program Executive are given to the mentors. The program executive shares with the mentors the contact information of mentees obtained from the Student Academic Affairs Office and the Preparatory School Secretariat. Newly registered students will be notified by the relevant department(s). If a mentor is not assigned to a student, this mentee student needs to notify the Mentorship Office by mail or telephone. ​

​The mentor will introduce himself/herself to the mentee group via mail and telephone and invite him/her to the first activity. Instant communication is provided through this group. The mentor makes meeting announcements and event announcements in the WhatsApp group. Activities open to all mentee students organized by the program are announced by e-mail. 

The mentees can ask their questions via Facebook, e-mail or WhatsApp. Mentees who do not want to participate in group activities can leave the WhatsApp group. However, mentees should know that they can consult their mentor when they desire.

Can You Change Your Mentee Group?

​Changes between mentee groups can be made until the end of October for fall semester, until the end of February for spring semester. A mentee who is not satisfied with the group can tell the mentor to which group he wants to be transferred. The mentor should inform the relevant group’s mentor and program executive about the change (by sharing current student contact information). Mentee requests for changing groups during the semester have to be directly forwarded to the program executive.

How Do We Support Disabled Students?

​In cooperation with the Student Disability Center, we match students with disabilities to volunteering mentors. We try to determine the needs of our disabled students and to facilitate their academic and social life in line with their needs. In addition to giving accurate information about the university, we also aim at providing support and guidance depending on their disabilities.​