Who is a Mentor?

​What are the Traits of a Mentor?

A Mentor is a bachelor’s degree (junior and senior) or sophomore vocational school (MYO) student who has the leadership potential, knows the administrative and academic units of İstanbul Şehir University, and is interested in transferring his/her experience to university. 
Below are the requirements for being selected as a mentor student:
    • ​​Academic success,
    • Having a clear discipline record,
    • Knowing the university from the administrative, academic and social aspects,
    • Having a sense of responsibility

What are a Mentor’s Duties and Responsibilities?

​1. Being a person who is competent enough to provide support for incoming Prep students and freshman students who can ask questions about our university,
2. To give information about the units and services of the school or to direct them to the related departments,
3. Transferring the Preparatory School experience (To convey the experience of the preparation school system and English learning process, to give relevant advice),
4. To convey the experience of the department he/she studies (course schedule, course registration system, advice on courses and professors),
5. Depending on the interests of the Mentee team, mentor may organize a monthly activity that is selected from among the events specified in the program or the mentor organize himself/herself,
6. Announcing the activities of the Mentorship Program, participating with the team or encouraging participation,
7. To make weekly meetings with the team in accordance with the above mentioned points,
8. To send monthly Activity Report to the program executive,
9. Participating in a meeting organized by the program executive.