ŞEHİR Faculty Member Manuel Knoll published his new book titled "Ancient Greek Philosophy"
Prof. Manuel Knoll, Faculty Member of ŞEHİR Philosophy Department, published his new book titled "Ancient Greek Philosophy", which can be guide for the students and fanciers of ancient philosophy.
​​The book that can be regarded as the introduction to Ancient Greece philosophy and its controversial interpretations and problems presents 400 years old ancient Greek philosophy along with the latest international research and findings on the subject.

One of the emphases in the 400-pages book published only in German for now, is based on Ethics and Political Philosophy, and their relationship. Besides, the book includes and examines Early Greek Philosophy, Socrates and Sophists, Plato's theory of forms, metaphysics, philosophy of nature and Aristotle's theology as well as Stoicism's philosophy of nature and  Epicurus' morals.  

The bibliography of the book gives significant information about sources, reference collections, reference books, the translation of literary and Middle Greek terms.