İstanbul Şehir University Successfully Completed the Quality External Evaluation
ŞEHİR Institutional Feedback Report of 2019, prepared by Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) for İstanbul Şehir University, was published.
​​In the ŞEHİR Institutional Feedback Report of 2019, prepared by Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) for İstanbul Şehir University; the distinctive characteristics of the University in the fields of education and research-development were recorded officially. The practices in different areas are shown as examples for other universities. It is emphasized that the financial sources of the University has been used effectively depending on its priorities. It is also stated that the University has been working to use its human resources, financial sources and movable and real estate effectively, and added that it has a management system that secures these processes, SAP is used actively, especially for financial affairs and external financial resource is provided to the University by the projects.

'ŞEHİR Institutional Feedback Report of 2019', prepared by Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) after their visit to İstanbul Şehir University, was published. In the scope of the quality assessment system applied by YÖKAK in order to establish quality standards for the higher education institutions in Turkey and form quality assurance systems, the report of İstanbul Şehir University reviewed the quality assurance system, education, research and development, and management system of the University. Under these four titles in the report, the prominent practices of İstanbul Şehir University were shown as examples for other universities.

The policy of internationalization is stated as good practice
The report says that İstanbul Şehir University has a strong structure of academic advisory and mentor student and the policy of internationalization in terms of multiculturalism and universality is a good practice for the area of quality assurance. Also, the awareness in the academic departments about the application for accreditation and the presence of course evaluation surveys are stated as strong aspects of the University.​

'Core Curriculum' and flexible curriculum became prominent in the area of education
The report points out the good planning in the process of establishment, the 'Core Curriculum' and the flexible curriculum approach as good practices in the area of education while the high rate of international student is one of the strong aspects. Also, the qualified academic staff, foundation, physical opportunities and the academic program design in line with the mission and vision of the University are listed as positive aspects.

It is emphasized that the opportunities for research and development activities are plentiful
In the report, about the research and development activities of İstanbul Şehir University, its rich library, the existing special archives and the infrastructure offered by ŞEHİR TTO for academics and students who want to make a research are listed as good examples. The intense focus of the University on the social sciences in line with its founding philosophy and the effectiveness of the existing research centers are determined to be distinctive characteristics of the University.

The approach to the street animals in the campus has been chosen as exemplary practice
Under the title of 'Management System', the reports states that the information management system and informatics infrastructure are strong, and in this context, the common use of SAP (System, Application & Products) in academic and administrative processes is shown as exemplary practice. Also, the friendly approach to the street animals living within the campus are listed as one of the good practices. The highly qualified administrative staff and executives, and overseas experiences of the administrative staff by Erasmus are determined to be powerful aspects of the University.

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