İstanbul Şehir University hosted "INADR International Commercial Mediation Tournament"
"INADR International Commercial Mediation Tournament", one of the most prestigious mediation tournament in the world, was held in ŞEHİR. 51 Law students from 6 different countries participated in the tournament, taken place for the first time in Turkey.
​​​​"International Commercial Mediation Tournament", organized by Chicago-based INADR (International Academy of Dispute Resolution), is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the mediation in all around the world and was held for the first time in İstanbul Şehir University in Turkey.

This year, the 17th tournament was organized and 51 Law students from 6 different countries participated in it. Prize winners were awarded by mediator Richard Calkins, former president of INADR. The tournament, held for 16 years in Australia, Ukraine, India, Dubai, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece and various states of the United States, was taken to Turkey by Istanbul Şehir University. The students in the tournament were trained about the mediation for two days. The tournament ended with a final match after three rounds. While the teams worked as mediators on scenarios inspired by the facts, the team also took on the role of client or lawyer.

The students of İstanbul Şehir University had gotten honourable mention
Enes Etlik, the law student in İstanbul Şehir University, was the first Turkish student to attend the tournament organized by INADR in 2016 and was awarded as 1th Place Individual Mediator. Also, last year, the te​am of ŞEHİR including Belma Bektaş, Bilge Erdemli, Enes Etlik and Sefa Erdin got honourable mention in the International Mediation Tournament, organized in Glasgow, Scotland.