Research at ŞEHİR
As an endowment organization, ŞEHİR envisions itself to become one of the prominent top-tier research and higher education institution to offer a unique combination of training in the areas of humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as engineering disciplines for the next generation of professionals and to-be-academics.
ŞEHİR has a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of social sciences and humanities while it expands its research potential towards Engineering and Natural Sciences.
ŞEHİR has established an array of cross-disciplinary departments and graduate schools with an integrated agenda of (re)search for true knowledge, innovation for sustainability and service for society.
As part of its founding philosophy, ŞEHİR aims to direct its research efforts and investments with the fundamental objectives of generating intellectual property to solve current and prospective problems, and contributing to the progress of the society in general.
With its Faculty members having international experience in the areas of research, development, teaching, industry and business, ŞEHİR aims to provide a dynamic, free and interdisciplinary environment that allows faculty members and students to develop complementary skills and experience.
Research activities are carried out in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Law, School of Islamic Studies, College of Communications, School of Management and Administrative Sciences, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences as well as in research centers, Center for Urban Studies and Center for Modern Turkish Studies.


ŞEHİR’s research programs are organized, managed and transferred through two administrative units:

    1. Unit for Sponsored Research (USR)
    2. Office of Technology Transfer (TTO)

These two offices work in coordination to carry out planning, initiation, development, support, management and transfer of research projects in different Colleges, Institutes and Research Centers in ŞEHİR. They oversee the development and management of corporate agreements, industrial relations; individual and multiple projects; product, process and business innovation; technology transfer and intellectual property (IP). 
The Unit for Sponsored Research (USR) fulfills the management of Pre- and Post-award stages with the following specific responsibilities:

  • Assists faculty principal investigators in assessing technical grant and bid guidelines for grants and contracts, and then supports or directs the process through formal submission.
  • Reviews grant and proposals for accuracy, completeness and compliance with agency regulations and institutional policies.
  • Manages budget with respect to project plan, provision of resources (personnel, subcontracting, purchasing, payments, invoicing, graduate assistant assignments), project revisions and legal procedures associated with project partners and activities.
  • Reports budget progress, issuing annual and interim reports, agency reports including financial audits, closing and year-end reports, as well as periodic management reports related to sponsored research funds. 

Technology Transfer Office (ŞEHİR TTO) fulfills the management of intellectual property resulting from sponsored research and other industrial projects that aim to convert scientific and technological developments into social and economic benefits
 with the following specific responsibilities:
  • Evaluates invention disclosures.
  • Develops projects with business & commercial partners building a unique eco-system.
  • Realizes patent applications, licensing and the referral of product-related outputs to commercialization process.
  • Organizes publicity activities in support of promoting success stories and project results to encourage licensing.
  • Maintains project management software for monitoring all projects and innovation database. 


​ŞEHİR encourages and directs students (both undergraduate and graduate) toward product and economy oriented studies and research right from their first year in the university. 
ŞEHİR challenges student teams to develop ideas into designs, designs into prototypes, prototypes into products, products into small companies with a unified purpose of service to the society in the long run.
Technology Transfer Office (TTO) supports innovators to protect their IP, promote their product ideas and develop their own business by the time they graduate from ŞEHİR.