S3-Lab is an interdisciplinary research and practice lab established at İstanbul Şehir University (ŞEHİR), Turkey with the initiatives of Dr. Murat Küçükvar and Dr. Nuri C. Onat, Faculty Members of the Department of Industrial Engineering at İstanbul Şehir University.

S3-Lab has a mission of fostering "Systems Thinking" and "Interdisciplinary Research" in order to propose solutions for the region’s unresolved social, economic, and environmental problems, as well as work closely with industrial and institutional partners.

The applications of S3-Lab’s research and practices encompass the fields of energy, transportation, manufacturing, water management, and the built environment.

S3-Lab’s founding member and co-director Dr. Murat Küçükvar outlines three fundamental goals: "solutions for industry", "multidisciplinary research", and "education & training". S3-Lab aims to educate future engineers and social scientists equipped with systems thinking towards achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

ŞEHİR ranked as the 15th university in the entrepreneurial and innovative universities index of TÜBİTAK in 2016. World-class engineering and social science departments at ŞEHİR provide an excellent platform for S3-Lab to conduct interdisciplinary research and projects, to bridge "academia" and "industry" in the area of sustainability assessment, and to expand its network within and beyond Turkey.

ŞEHİR has identified sustainability as an important strategic research direction. S3-Lab’s partnership with the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives will have a catalyzer role in ŞEHİR’s innovative and leading role in sustainable future of the region.

S3-Lab also continues to expand its global network with the support of the Technology Transfer Office and International Relations Office at ŞEHİR. As an Erasmus coordinator, Dr. Küçükvar recently visited the Sustainable Industrial Systems Group at University of Manchester, UK. Both labs are now collaborating on joint proposal supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and the British Council on sustainability impacts of electricity production in Turkey and the UK. S3-Lab is also working together with the Turkish Water Institute established by the Turkish Ministry Forestry and Water Affairs in the Coordination Program on The Collaborative Program Euphrates and Tigris. This joint program is supported by several European and Middle Eastern partners including Stockholm International Water Institute, Stockholm Environment Institute, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and International Center for Biosaline Agriculture.

If you are interested in learning about sustainability solutions that S3-Lab offers, please visit the lab’s website at s3-lab.sehir.edu.tr.