SISS Şehir International Summer School
SISS Şehir International Summer School / School of Management and Administrative Sciences - İstanbul Şehir University
5.07.2018 10:00
YER : AB5 - 5301
​​​​The School of Management and Administrative Science offers an academic program in the areas of Global Business and Economics, and Business Leadership & Governance during the summer term of 2018. This program combining the practice and theory of business is well suited for graduate students that are currently enrolled in an MBA program or professionals in business all over the world and taught by academics renowned for their scholarly research who are coming from various universities in Europe and USA as well as top executives in business practice in Europe and Turkey.
Participants of SISS will have a chance of (re)positioning their future professional careers interacting and networking with various academics, executives and professionals throughout the classes that they take at SIS. This program aims to bring together graduate students and professionals from several different backgrounds and experiences at the beautiful Campus of ŞEHİR ( in Dragos, İstanbul, Turkey.

Global Business and Finance Module
This module consists of discussions and cases in doing business in a global economy. There will be discussions in the broad area of economics and finance including the latest trends in global banking and finance such as cryptocurrencies and the block chain technology and data analytics and business intelligence in financial systems.  

SISS Schedule

Global Business, Economics and FinanceJuly 5th to July 7th, 2018 
Venue: İstanbul Şehir University, Dragos, AB 3302 
SISS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Dean, School of Management and Administrative Sciences at ŞEHİR University,

Summer School in Global Business, Economics and Finance
5-7 July 2018


Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Istanbul Şehir University, 5 July 10:00, “Money as Fiction"

Omneya Abdelsalam, Durham University, 5 July 14:00 “Ethical Finance and Accounting"

Umut Kuzubaş, Boğaziçi University 6 July 10:00 "Psychology and Financial Decisions: Lessons from Behavioral Finance"

Sumru Altuğ, Koç University, 6 July 14:00 “The New Production Economy: What Role Can Traditional Skills and Organizational Structures Play?"

Alperen Manisalıgil, 6 July 16:00 “Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, “nalyzing effective communication through LeBron James's Career moves"

Rafik Beekun, Professor of Management, Ethics and Strategy, University of Nevada, Reno, 7 July 10:00, "A Decision-Making Approach to Business Ethics"

Gökçen Arkalı Olcay, Istanbul Şehir University, 7 July 14:00, “A Conceptual View Of Exergy Destruction In Mergers And Acquisitions"