Digital Marketing Seminars - 4
Programmatic Advertising
12.03.2019 17:30
YER : AB3-3301
This program is organized by School of Management and Administrative Sciences and Graduate School of Business.

Ömer Oğul Ürer
Founder of Yieldpeak

Graduated from Galatasaray High School and studied Math at Boğaziçi University. Started his career as a mobile product and value-added services manager in 2002. After spending 10 years in the mobile ecosystem and while working as a mobile products manager in he started to focus on monetization, especially advertising and programmatic. He managed ad operations and programmatic team for Mynet until 2015, then moved to Hürriyet in order to help and its vertical's(Bigpara, Radikal, HurriyetAile, Mahmure) monetization and digital transformation. Since 2017, under the umbrella of his own consultancy company "Yieldpeak", he is providing consultancy and monetization solutions to many publishers and mobile app developers in order to increase their yield management capabilities.​​​