Ders Planı - Doktora



Total credit :21 Total ECTS:266


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 601Research Design in Business Administration3038
MBA 603Ph.D Seminar3008
--Program Elective----38
--Program Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 602Research Methods in Business3038
--Program Elective----38
--Program Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 698Ph.D Qualification30040
--Program Elective----38


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 699Ph.D Thesis000150


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 699Ph.D Thesis000150


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 699Ph.D Thesis000150


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 699Ph.D Thesis000150


KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MBA 699Ph.D Thesis000150

Program Elective

KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
BAN 502Data Oriented Programming3038
BAN 503Data Warehousing3038
BAN 504Predictive Business Analytics3038
BAN 506Advanced Practicuum In Analytics3038
BAN 507Marketing Analytics3038
BAN 508Prescriptive Business Analytics3038
BAN 509Big Data, Tools and Technologies3038
BAN 510Introduction to Data Analysis and Descriptive Analytics3038
BAN 511Professional Development and Practice Sharing3038
BAN 512Project Management3038
ECONFIN 501Microeconomics3038
ECONFIN 502Theory of Finance3038
ECONFIN 503Macroeconomics and International Trade3038
ECONFIN 505Econometrics3038
ECONFIN 520Corporate Finance3038
ECONFIN 521Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 522Decision Models for Economics and Finance3038
ECONFIN 523Financial Intermediaries3038
ECONFIN 524International Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 525Industrial Organization for Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 526Competition Policy and Regulation of Financial Markets3038
ECONFIN 527Valuation and Securities Analysis3038
ECONFIN 528Portfolio Management3038
ECONFIN 529Financial Risk Analysis and Management3038
ECONFIN 530Derivatives3038
ECONFIN 531Asset and Liability Management3038
ECONFIN 532Monetary Policy and Central Banking3038
ECONFIN 533Strategic Management3038
ECONFIN 534Corporate Control and Governance3038
ECONFIN 580Directed Readings on Economics and Financial Markets3038
MBA 511Global Management Thought3038
MBA 512Corporate Financial Management3038
MBA 513Financial Statement Analysis3038
MBA 514Financial Markets and Institutions3038
MBA 515Investments and Portfolio Management3038
MBA 516International Financial Management3038
MBA 517Mergers and Acquisitions3038
MBA 518Business Statistics3038
MBA 519Advanced Managerial Economics3038
MBA 521Management and Organization3038
MBA 522Management In Digital Age3038
MBA 523Directed Readings in Islamic Finance and Economics3038
MBA 524Digital Transformation and Innovation3038
MBA 525Quantitative Methods In Banking and Finance3038
MBA 526Strategic Bank Management3038
MBA 527Risk Management In Banking3038
MBA 528Narrative Economics and Business3038
MBA 530Sustainable Development Goals and Governance3038
MBA 531Strategic Management3038
MBA 532Islamic Economics3038
MBA 533Islamic Banking and Finance3038
MBA 534Islamic Law and Financial Transactions3038
MBA 535Risk Management In Islamic Finance3038
MBA 536Special Topics in Economics and Management3038
MBA 537Current Issues in Economics and Management3038
MBA 538CO-OP: Cooperative Learning I3038
MBA 539CO-OP: Cooperative Learning II3038
MBA 540Global Economic and Financial Strategy3038
MBA 542BlockChain and Financial Markets3038
MBA 543Marketing Management3038
MBA 544FinTech and Financial Markets3038
MBA 545Interactive Marketing3038
MBA 546Marketing In Developing Markets3038
MBA 547Strategic Brand Management3038
MBA 548Business Analytics0038
MBA 550Work Ethics And Values3038
MBA 551Organizational Behavior3038
MBA 552Human Resources Management3038
MBA 554Special Topics In Human Resource Management3038
MBA 555Talent Management And Succesion Planning3038
MBA 556Business Data Analysis3038
MBA 557Interest-Free Banks & Participation Banking System3038
MBA 558Consumer Behaviour3038
MBA 559Coaching3038
MBA 561Macroeconomics, Institutions and the Global Economy3038
MBA 562Blockchain and its Applications in Economics and Finance3038
MBA 564Financial Reporting and Managerial Accounting3038
MBA 565Behavioral Finance3038
MBA 566Special Topics In Financial Management3038
MBA 567International Management3038
MBA 568Corporate Governance3038
MBA 569Management In Family Companies3038
MBA 570Game Theory For Managers3038
MBA 571Global Company Management Simulation3038
MBA 573Turkish Business Environment3038
MBA 574Analysıs Of Macroeconomıc Indıcators And Polıcıes3038
MBA 575Entrepreneurship3038
MBA 576Current Issues In Career Development3038
MBA 577Selected Topics in Business Research3038
MBA 578Special Topics in Digital Marketing3038
MBA 579Future Readiness3038
MBA 580Law For Managers3038
MBA 581Comparative Competition Law3038
MBA 582International Trade Law3038
MBA 583Management Information Systems3038
MBA 584Managerial Decision Making3038
MBA 585Operations and Process Management3038
MBA 586Supply Chain Management3038
MBA 587Project Management3038
MBA 588New Product Management3038
MBA 589Special Topics In Operations Management3038
MBA 592Sales Force Management3038
MBA 593Innovation Management3038
MBA 594Business Communication3038
MBA 595Special Topics In Marketing Management3038
MBA 596Special Topics In Management3038