Public Perceptions of the Christian Minority in Turkey
26.12.2017 15:00
YER : AB1, 1001
Cihan Tınaztepe
Xsights Research and Consultancy Firm

Turkey is officially a secular country, but the general public remains uninformed about non-Muslim minorities and a sense of separation and difference prevails. Despite recent reforms, much is yet to be done to ensure constitutional guarantees on freedom of religion; and to eradicate the harassment, intimidation, physical assault and property damage which continue to plague minorities in some parts of Turkey. A socially focused strategy is needed to provide civic education, to build cooperation and to support minority groups to realize their rights as Turkish citizens. This research has been carried out to inform interventions that might contribute in this area and which might increase tolerance and understanding in Turkish society. 
The survey confirms the general public's low level of knowledge about Christians and Christianity, especially in rural areas. There are also low levels of awareness regarding the challenges faced by Christian minorities in terms of social rights, legal protections for life and property, freedom to educate clergy and freedom to express religious views.