Managing Election Campaign with the Power of Analytical Modeling
13.11.2018 16:00
YER : AB1-1001
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Masoud Shahmanzari
Masoud Shahmanzari was born in Tabriz, Iran, in 1988. He is a Ph.D. Candidate and Research/Teaching Assistant in Business Administration at Koç University’s College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Istanbul. He graduated from Information Technology Engineering Department of Tabriz University in 2011. He received his M.Sc. degree in Management Information Systems from Information Systems department of Middle East Technical University in 2013. 
His primary research interests involve Operation Research, Management Information Systems, Distribution Logistics, and Combinatorial Optimization. He is particularly interested in developing optimization methods in the context of the combinatorial optimization problems. Beyond his research activities, he served as a teaching assistant for a variety of Business Administration courses for nine semesters at Koç University.