Tuition Fees for Undergraduate and Associate Degree Programs
Tuition Fees for İstanbul Şehir University Undergraduate and Associate Degree Programs (For Ongoing Students)

​ATTENTION! The following tuition fees are applied to ONLY international students.​ 

Below are the tuition fees in the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year for the ongoing students based on their registration years.

Registration Year​
GradeTuition Fee
2010-2011Undergraduate39.550 TL
2011-2012Undergraduate39.550 TL
2012-2013Undergraduate43.500 TL
2013-2014Undergraduate43.500 TL
2014-2015Undergraduate13.200 USD
2015-2016Undergraduate13.200 USD
2016-2017Preparatory-Undergraduate13.200 USD
2017-2018Preparatory-Undergraduate10.000 USD
2018-2019Preparatory-Undergraduate10.000 USD

You can get information about the payments via​ or from our Call Center by calling 444 4 034.