Tuition Fees for Undergraduate and Associate Degree Programs
Tuition Fees for İstanbul Şehir University Undergraduate and Associate Degree Programs (For Ongoing Students)

​ATTENTION! The following tuition fees are applied to ONLY international students.​ 

Below are the tuition fees in the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year for the ongoing students based on their registration years.

Registration Year​
GradeTuition Fee
2010-2011Undergraduate39.550 TL
2011-2012Undergraduate39.550 TL
2012-2013Undergraduate43.500 TL
2013-2014Undergraduate43.500 TL
2014-2015Undergraduate13.200 USD
2015-2016Undergraduate13.200 USD
2016-2017Preparatory-Undergraduate13.200 USD
2017-2018Preparatory-Undergraduate10.000 USD
2018-2019Preparatory-Undergraduate10.000 USD

Tuition fee can be paid in cash or in installments by credit cards of the banks which have signed the "Card Acceptor Agreement" with İstanbul Şehir University.
Payment in advance can be made at banks by money order, EFT or in cash; or as bullet payments by credit cards of all banks. 
In payments with installments, only the credit cards of the banks that signed the "Card Acceptor Agreement" with İstanbul Şehir University are accepted. These cards are Bonus, Paraf, World, Maximum, QNB Finansbank and Combo cards. 8 installments are offered in annual payments, while 4 installments are offered for semester-based payments. In payments during registration, there may be additional installment campaigns of banks.

Tuition payment in advance can be made to the below bank account by money order and EFT, as bullet payments by credit cards of all banks, or in cash to the bank account of the Halkbank İstanbul Şehir University Uydu Branch in Dragos Campus.

If the whole tuition fee is paid in cash or by credit card as bullet payment, there will be a reduction of 5% in payments made for the whole year.​ When paying with the EFT or transfer, the "Student’s Name" and "Student’s ID Number" should definitely be written in the description section. A transfer can be made via any Halkbank branch to the below mentioned bank account without paying any banking fees. The bank info for tuition payments is as such: 
USD account:
Account name
İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi
Bank nameHalkbank
Branch name and codeİstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Uydu Şubesi (1688)
Account No53100002
IBANTR34 0001 2001 6880 0053 1000 02

Tuition fee can be paid by obtaining education loans from the banks. In this case, as the payment will be made in cash, 5% in annual payment will be enabled as mentioned above. In accordance with the agreement made between Halkbank Uydu Branch and our University, those who will pay the tuition fee may use education loan under appropriate conditions. In this case, term options up to 12 months are presented. For further information about education loans, you can contact Halkbank İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Uydu Branch from the phone number below. 
Halkbank İstanbul Şehir University Uydu Branch: 0216 514 54 00 (Ext. 1020)​​​

It is not possible to pay tuition fees by means of cash in monthly installments or by checks and bills.

Tuition fees are determined every year by the Board of Trustees with regard to price and cost increase, and are not to be greater than the CPI rate announced in June.

For further information about tuition fees and payment terms, you can contact the İstanbul Şehir University Directorate of Financial Affairs via​.​