Career Center
​​The Career Center is a center that prepares our students for both professional business world and academic life through career counseling services, and acts as a bridge between the university and the business world, establishing a cooperation between them. The Career Center also functions as a personal development center which monitors our alumni; tries to organize activities th​at aim for reinforcing the communication between the students and the alumni; helps the students get to know themselves better.
The main objectives of the Career Center are to prepare our students for professional business world and academic life in the most efficient way and to support them by means of organizing various activities and workshops, creating opportunities for them to meet the business world, and thus, enabling our students to exhibit their difference in these platforms.
In order to establish much stronger and long-lasting relationships with our alumni, we organize alumni meetings, talk events and mentorship programs to increase interactions between our students and our alumni.
Some other activities organized by the Career Center include open-days for different companies, on-campus recruitment days, ŞEHİR Career Festival, and professional business world talks which enable the business world to know our students better as well as offering them internship and job opportunities.​​​