Founding Foundation: Foundation for Sciences and Arts
"Discussing, reproducing and spreading global, national and professional knowledge and thoughts as well as making continuous efforts to apply them for the sake of humanity in a free and tolerant environment of study, research and discussion. Supporting talented scientists and philosophers within these efforts..."
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Established in 1986, the Foundation for Sciences and Arts (Bilim ve Sanat Vakfı-BİSAV) organized hundreds of activities and touched upon thousands of people of science, culture and arts for the 30 years of its deep-rooted history. With an effort to understand the main dynamics of the modern world society and finding the historical roots of Turkey, as well as constructing a solid future on these roots, the Foundation for Sciences and Arts transfers its accumulation of knowledge to İstanbul Şehir University.​


Everything with a name has a story, they say. Those giving a name and those preserving a name are the co-authors, heroes of this story.

This unfinished story named İstanbul Şehir University begins with another story, again unfinished. The name of this story is the Foundation for Sciences and Arts.

At the end of 1980s, a group of passionate university students meeting at moderate place of Aksaray, Fatih and Sultanahmet in İstanbul, sets off with this fundamental determination:

Our civilization is faced with a comprehensive challenge...

This challenge can only be responded to by a profound transformation of mentality...

A scientific leader prototype is required as the bearer of this mental transformation...

Because the present state of our civilization is neither a political failure, nor economic backwardness, it is the lack of an original scientific tradition with continuity and consistence...

Construction of a scientific tradition requires a long-term, patient march, above the short-term agenda and political fluctuations.

These are the determinations centralizing the construction of knowledge. These are the determinations of those believing that right questions are more realistic than quick answers and believing that they will resurrect with knowledge. The search beginning under the light of these determinations, begins to find its voice and clarify its personality in the 1990s. With seminars, symposiums, research centers, publications, library and disciples, the Foundation for Sciences and Arts becomes a civil, maybe alternative home to contemplation.

The foundation that found its voice in the 1990s becomes one of the scientific and cultural institutions which merited the founding of a university in the 2000s more than any other institution, thanks to its diversified studies. Finally, at the end of 2000s, this unfinished story, the Foundation for Sciences and Arts gives a new name to its search and a new story begins: İstanbul Şehir University. The Foundation for Sciences and Arts, which was given its name in the 1980s and which gained personality in the 1990s founds İstanbul Şehir University in the 2000s.  

The story grows out of story, university grows out of foundation...

İstanbul Şehir University is actually the expression of struggle to deepen the search of the Foundation for Sciences and Arts with a new institutionalization. The aim is to enrich the fruits of foundation with a wider spectrum and open its doors to new scientific confrontations and means with an institutionalization in the name of a university while maintaining its march towards the foundation's mentality and principles. The mission is to represent the universitary education in Turkey, spreading from madrasa to darulfunun, and to today's university, yet still striving to find its idea/ideal in its most meaningful form.

We can express the state of more than a quarter-century adventure today, in an erudite tale inspiring the infinity, vastness of the horizon: Az gittik, uz gittik, dere tepe düz gittik, bir de dönüp baktık, bir arpa boyu yol gittik...; which basically means we have covered way too much distance, yet at the end of the road we realized we had gone nowhere fast...

Everything with a name has a story, we said. And those giving a name and those preserving a name are the co-authors, heroes of this story. We invite the future members of ŞEHİR -who will narrate and narrate this story in another time and place, extend it on other fields and continuously write that story- to come and join this adventure.​


Total Seminars (1989-2015)1.767
Total Seminar Hours (1989-2015)10.462
Total Number of Faculty Members (1989-2015)333
Total Seminar Participants (1989-2015)32.362
Student Symposiums26
Proceedings Presented at Student Symposiums (1989-2015)466
Book, Periodicals Collection (March 2016)211.377


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