International Relations Office


In line with the vision of our university, International Relations Office aims:

  • to make ŞEHİR a center of excellence in higher education, research and knowledge production and dissemination in social and natural sciences in the region and the world
  • every ŞEHİR student to have a passport and get involved in any kind of mobility at least once during her/his study period
  • to contribute to a multicultural  and diverse environment in the university
  • to further the quality of ŞEHİR through cross-border cooperation and bilateral agreements
  • to encourage students and staff to get involved in mobility projects, including research, education and business aspects
  • to provide an environment  for the individuals who can develop their skills and knowledge in a way that they can meet and exceed market expectations, take active roles in the establishment of a sustainably peaceful world and a more equal world economy.


Our mission is to create opportunities for our students and staff  to get integrated with our region and the world through searching, developing and sharing the knowledge. As part of this mission, we work for the composition of a ŞEHİR environment as much diverse as possible, so that individuals could also learn from their differences, understand the value of being original and productive and self-confidentially contribute to their environment and the world.