Student Council
İstanbul Şehir University Student Council is an organization, which is constituted by ŞEHİR students.

​​​​​​​​​İstanbul Şehir University Student Council is a democratic organization, which is constituted by students with a view to make contributions for the improvement of İstanbul Şehir University, to solve the problems of students, to convey their proposals to relevant departments in the order of their priority, to strengthen communication between students themselves and among the students and the organizations inside and outside of the University and to represent the University whenever required.

The basic construction of Student Council is determined in a conference that was open to all the students. As a result, in the system which has been designed by our students, Student Council has been proposed to have a transparent and fast operating structure, in which there is an equal representation of all students based on direct democracy and with no hierarchy, for the benefits of the students.

The Student Council has regular meetings and elects the temporary and permanent representatives required for the operation of the Union. The members of Student Council are in direct communication with each other in an electronic environment which has been designed by the University.

The Student Council works to provide participation of students to the administration of the university. It also provides the evaluation of all kinds of opinions in an order and tries to enable the reflection of these opinions on the campus life.