Public Relations and Advertising Department

PÇ1. To be able to critically discuss and interpret the theories, concepts, methods, tools and ideas that form the basis of Public Relations and Advertising.
PÇ2. To be able to use theoretical knowledge acquired in the fields of Public Relations and Advertising in practice.
PÇ3. To be able to collect, analyze and use the necessary data to produce, distribute and create continuity in the field of Public Relations and Advertising.
PÇ4. To be able to take professional ethical values and corporate social responsibility principles into consideration while producing and analyzing projects related to Public Relations and Advertising.
PÇ5. To be able to use different parameters with different disciplines while developing solutions for communication problems encountered in the fields of Public Relations and Advertising, and to take responsibility as individual and group members in solving problems.
PÇ6. To be able to critically evaluate the sectoral practices in the fields of Public Relations and Advertising, to develop original ideas for communication needs, to establish the relationship between needs and creativity.
PÇ7. To be able to closely follow the current developments in the fields of Public Relations and Advertising, to be able to identify the continuities and changes in the fundamental dynamics of the field.
PÇ8. To comprehend the importance of research in the fields of Public Relations and Advertising, to know the ways of access to information, to evaluate the data, to be able to be competent in research methods and practices, to use the relevant tools.
PÇ9. To be able to use design, information and communication technologies together with the computer programs required by the field.
PÇ10. To be able to express himself / herself well, to make effective presentations and to act in accordance with social rules by translating ideas into images in public relations and advertising.
PÇ11. To have the necessary management knowledge to manage creative content and solution producing institutions.

Relationship Matrix between Program Outcomes and Course Learning Outcomes:

Course CodeCourse TitlePÇ1PÇ2PÇ3PÇ4PÇ5PÇ6PÇ7PÇ8PÇ9PÇ10PÇ11
HİL 201Halkla İlişkilere Giriş53543342131
HİL 205Yaratıcı Düşünme34434553252
  ILT 201İletişim ve Medya23334533132
HİL 202Bütünleşik Pazarlama İletişimi44344543254
HİL 206Metin Yazarlığı45544543253
 ILT 202 İletişim Kuramları33444533132
HİL 301Kurumsal İletişim44554342155
HİL 303Halkla İlişkiler Kampanyaları54444455445
HİL 305Halkla İlişkiler ve Sosyal Medya43544553543
HİL 302 Marka Yönetimi54444553245
HİL 304Reklam Kampanyaları54​445543354
HİL 306Araştırma Tasarımı55534245511
HİL 401Mezuniyet Projesi55555454523
HİL 403Medya Planlama44334554453
  HİL 402Mezuniyet Projesi Yapımı55534245511
HİL 404Tüketici Davranışları45254345214
HİL 220Reklam Analizi54543543242
HİL 223Kişilerarası İletişim33445322344
ILT 220 Görsel Tasarım33444344553
 HİL 225Sosyal Reklam ve Görsel Uygulamaları33433443552
HİL 321İletişimde Sektörel Dinamikler52154352125
HİL 323Popüler Kültür ve Medya54443541142