Advanced Micro and Nano Devices Lab
İstanbul Şehir University Advanced Micro and Nano Devices Lab has been founded in 2017 through a funding provided by ISTKA. 

The facilities include metalorganic chemical vapor deposition system (MOCVD), scanning electron microscope, device fabrication room, probe station and electrical testing station. 
The general research areas include micro-nano device design, fabrication, and testing (MEMS/ NEMS sensors); nanoelectronics; nanophotonics; and nanorobotic manipulation of nanomaterials.

Specific research fields include:
  • ​Fabrication of wide bandgap compound semiconductor nanowires/nanostructures (SiC, GaN, AlN etc.)
  • Design and fabrication of novel nanowire-based devices (FETs, diodes etc.)
  • Design and fabrication of high-power devices
  • Testing and modeling of nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices
  • Developing novel fabrication techniques of nanowire-based flexible UV sensors